DEARIST Sign To Spartan Records For Second Album Sonder  Released 27th April 2018

February 18, 2018


DEARIST Sign To Spartan Records For Second Album Sonder 
Released 27th April 2018

Preorder now:

Stream New Single ‘Drowning’ In Full

Wolverhampton alt-rock band Dearist are pleased to announce they have signed to Seattle, US independent record label Spartan Records and will release their second album titled Sonder on 27th April 2018 on vinyl and digital download.

Physical and digital preorders are live now at

Commenting on the signing, front man Adam Binder said: “We are so stoked to sign to Spartan Records. First all they release a lot of stuff by a band called MAE, who I was obsessed with growing up, so it’s like a teenage dream come true to be label mates with them. I suppose more importantly though it’s just great to be part of label that really love music and also do some amazing vinyl releases. Most of us in the band have a decent vinyl collection so when we started speak to Spartan and we saw the stuff they were putting out we were super excited to be a part of it.”

Alongside the news, the band are streaming their new single ‘Drowning’ in full

Expanding on the new material, Binder continued: “This song made it onto the new album pretty early. I was listening to a lot of mid tempo 90’s alternative rock at the time and I wanted to write a song with that same semi-dreamy vibe. We’ve actually being playing this song live for a few months now so anyone that’s seen us live recently may recognise it.

“Like all our songs on this new album, it’s written about other people I know, and what it would be like to be in their shoes. Drowning is about a person that has been through a tough time and they are finding it hard to move on with their life.”

Dearist released their debut record ‘This House Has No Windows’ in October 2015 via Close To Home Records, and have received high praise from rock press including Kerrang!, Rock Sound, UPSET and more, with the endorsement of Jeremy Bolm of Touché Amoré and Geoff Rickly of post-hardcore legends Thursday.

They spent the majority of 2016/17 booking tours across the UK and playing shows with the likes of Creeper, WSTR, FANGCLUB, Wallflower, Muskets, Coast To Coast, Eat Me, Pushing Daisies, among others.

Now gearing up for the release of their sophomore record ‘SONDER’ as a vinyl and digital release, and with the calendar beginning to take shape, 2018 looks to be an exciting year for the West Midlands quintet.

Live shows TBA

More info on Sonder:

From a sleepy midlands town comes a modern British take on the likes of American pioneers like Taking Back Sunday, Rival Schools, and Thursday. Having moulded their songs with influences ranging from 90’s grunge to sounds reminiscent of the 00’s emotive rock, the band were born amongst the thriving underground DIY indie/emo scene that’s long been a breeding ground for rock bands with unique sounds and massive hooks.

With a newly developed sound and sights set on international conquest, in 2018 Dearist are finally making strides beyond the shores they’ve long called home.

While a phrase as broad as emo doesn’t quite encapsulate the scope of the band’s sound – to describe it as “emotional” would be selling it short. Rather, this is truly emotive and dynamic rock music with an anxious intensity that bubbles below the surface — a sense of suburban unrest that brushes uneasily up against the sprawling of concrete and the claustrophobia of modern inner-city life.

On Sonder, we witness the band exploring the simple, profound and very modern realization: each random passer-by we encounter is living a life as vivid and complex as our own.

Dearist online:

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