Pale Grey collaborate with legendary MC, Serengeti

January 14, 2018

Pale Grey Unveil New Track (featuring Serengeti) Late Night

Pale Grey / Waves / New Album out March 2nd 

“ Dream pop lead by an evocative vocal performance” – The Line Of Best Fit

Some acts are impossible to categorise. Pale Grey are one of those bands. Previous single ‘Billy’ was a dream-pop love in, floaty and serenading. The band now return to announce their album ‘Waves’ The album is the fruition of a year’s work, holed up in the studio, the result is a wide-ranging affair mixing folk-pop, minor introspections, sounds experimentations, hip hop and electronica.

Take, for example, lead track ‘Late Night’ featuring Serengeti, a rapper Pitchfork call a master of “Vivid free-association worldbuilding and playing with the joys of repetition” There is a bravery in leading with track, the only hip-hop track on the album – but Pale Grey aren’t an act able to sit still – and although the album is a genuine genre-crawl – there is an unmistakable thread linking throughout. The vastness of ideas on display recalls Gorillaz at their most flamboyant.

The Belgian band describe the album as a “Singular atmosphere made of a strong identity, a combination of contrasts and consistency, of contradictions and continuity of evolution and permanency” It’s these juxtapositions that define this eclectic collection of songs.

The process began in 2015 coinciding with a two year mentally-tough European tour. The travelling and the connections the band made honed their tastes and ultimately influenced this album. Take second single, ‘Blizzard’ the way Gilles Dewalque. sings “How can I tell you that I feel fine, I know you don’t believe it” – its reminiscent of Jarvis Cocker, and again, sounds nothing like anything else on the album while remaining distinctively Pale Grey.

Around mid-2016, the French producer Yann Arnaud (Air, Phoenix), became aware of the project. He saw the “huge potential” and began working with the band over the coming months. His influence helped the band move between digital and analogue and revel in the combination of ether and flesh that contribute to the particularity of Pale Grey’s music.

Waves was refined and mixed in Paris, the last flourish and touch to an album bursting with ideas and energy.

When asked to sum up the album the band claim it is about “Kindness and intense humanity.”

The album will be released via JauneOrange and Believe.

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