Kal Marks Share “Today I Walked Down To The Tree, Read A Book, And When I Was Done, I Went Back Inside”

January 9, 2018

Zak Krone

Kal Marks Share “Today I Walked Down To The Tree, Read A Book, And When I Was Done, I Went Back Inside” with FLOOD Magazine

“Universal Care” Out February 23rd via Exploding In Sound Records


Kal Marks are sharing their latest single “Today I Walked Down To The Tree, Read A Book, And When I Was Done, I Went Back Inside,” the gorgeous finale to their upcoming album Universal CareFLOOD Magazine premiered the song, shared, “Despite vocalist Carl Shane’s frequent lapse into Black-Franciscan snarls throughout Care, “Today I Walked…” proves an apt handle for the climax to this profoundly bored apocalypse: When the music lilts, swells, then pummels, Shane remains unflapped, delivering each line with a matter-of-fact recitation. It’s heavy, bleak, and oddly cathartic

Universal Care is about asking questions and seeking answers during a tumultuous time for the band and the world. The future of the band was unclear following their last album, and Universal Care is a response to those strange and uncertain times. Recorded in Boston’s Mad Oak Studios with Miranda Serra G and mastered by James Plotkin (Old Man Gloom, Windhand, Thou), it’s a heavy record that spans the spectrum of Kal Marks’ dynamic sound from hazy folk to blistering noise rock, a reflection of Carl Shane’s(guitar/vocals) spirit and emotions. The album is a reaction to the death of a close friend, but it’s also a reflection of the seriously dark times in our country. The band are baring their souls and taking chances, creating their most compelling album in the process.



01/14 – Boston, MA @ Great Scott w/ True Widow
03/03 – Brooklyn, NY @ Brooklyn Bazaar (Basement)
03/10 – Cambridge, MA @ Elk’s Lodge w/ Nice Guys, Bat House, & Furanimal


Kal Marks
Universal Care
February 23, 2018
Exploding In Sound Records

1. Fuck That Guy
2. Universal Care
3. Loosed
4. Springtime In January
5. Ode
6. All Error Is
7. Grand Mal
8. The Afterlife
9. A Place Amongst All The Angry Hordes
10. Adventure
11. Reprise
12. Today I Walked Down To The Tree, Read A Book, And When I Was Done I Went Back Inside”Kal Marks decided to get uncomfortable by reeling the noise in. They hit a sweet spot in the process.” – NPR Music

“a stressful, tightly-clenched fist, seven minutes worth of knotted energy and anxiety-inducing tension. It’s a massive, squalling tour de force for all the musicians involved, frantic and frenetic and more unconventional than anything Kal Marks has done.” – Stereogum


Universal Care is cathartic. Kal Marks’ are finding a release… a crushing, beautiful, absorbing release, an exploration of spirit and emotion in the hardest of times. Their latest LP, Universal Care, due out February 23rd via Exploding In Sound Records, finds the Boston trio at their most dynamic, seeping with vivid colors and sonic experimentation. Its a new approach for the band, one that began on shaky ground, an uncertainty that lead the band to create an album both brilliant and challenging. Universal Care is restless, drawing on personal hardship and these tumultuous times, taking life as it comes. The trio of Carl Shane (guitar, vocals), Michael Geacone (bass) and Alex Audette (drums), have created a record full of sonic risks and rewards, thick textures, skin crawling sludge, and hazy pop. Through unexpected twists and turns, the band capture a range of honest emotions and struggles without boundaries. Crushing distortion, atmospheric drifts, shifting rhythms, and warm acoustics all swirl together in unison. There’s a freedom in their agitation. A welcoming catharsis.

Formed as a solo project over a decade ago, the band has been evolving ever since, weathering the darkness with a sense of humor and one of Boston’s most explosive live shows. Having released two critically praised albums, Life Is Murder (2013) and Life Is Alright, Everybody Dies (2015), Universal Care is a step forward, a brilliant new record that finds the band darting between their most accessible and chaotic moments with natural grace and fury. They’ve spent the past six years playing throughout the country, decimating one audience at a time, sharing the stage with everyone from Big Business and Pile to And The Kids and Florist.

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