Jeff Rosenstock Releases Surprise New Album POST-

January 2, 2018

Hiro Tanaka

Jeff Rosenstock Releases Surprise New Album POST-
on New Year’s Day for FREE Download/Donation
on Bandcamp & Quote Unquote Records

Polyvinyl Records Releases POST- Digitally Today
Physical Release on March 23


“Jeff Rosenstock is one of the most important figures in modern punk” –Pitchfork
“It’s off the wall and wide-ranging and breathless.” –USA Today
“Rosenstock is a motherfuck of a songwriter…” -Stereogum

Good luck telling Jeff Rosenstock to do anything the right way. The New York musician has always been content to follow his own path, from offering everything he’s ever recorded for pay-what-you-want download via his own Quote Unquote Records (beating Radiohead to the idea by several years) to telling the audience at Pitchfork Music Festival how much he was paid ($7500, if you’re curious) to surprise releasing his brand new album POST- yesterday (on New Year’s Day!) for free download/donation on Bandcamp via Quote Unquote Records. Oh, and if a new album isn’t enough for you, Jeff’s also excited to announce his new label home – Polyvinyl Records – who is giving POST- a digital release today and a physical release on CD and vinyl on March 23, 2018.

Upcoming tour dates, album art, tracklisting and a full bio on Jeff and the record can be found below, and if you have any questions, he’ll be doing a Reddit AMA this Friday, January 5th at 3pm EST. Get ready for more exciting announcements in the coming days – 2018 looks to be a big year for Jeff. On POST- he channels the darkness from the days after the 2017 Presidential Inauguration into a new album that’s so big and bright it plays like the rallying cry we all need to usher in 2018 after the garbage year that was.

Fuck white power, fuck the NRA, viva punk rock, viva Jeff Rosenstock!

POST- Tracklisting:
01) USA
02) Yr Throat
03) All This Useless Energy
04) Powerlessness
05) TV Stars
06) Melba
07) Beating My Head Against A Wall
08) 9/10
09) Let Them Win

2018 Tour Dates:
02/15 – Phoenix, AZ @ The Rebel Lounge %^
02/16 – Santa Ana, CA @ Constellation Room %^
02/17 – San Diego, CA @ You’re Going To Hate This Fest @ SOMA San Diego
02/18 – Los Angeles, CA @ Teragram Ballroom %^
02/22 – San Francisco, CA @ Noise Pop @ Great American Music Hall %^
02/24 – Santa Cruz, CA @ The Catalyst Atrium %^

% w/ ROAR
^ w/ Lemuria


It’s New Year’s Day. You’re still coming out of the haze of 2017. Maybe your New Year’s Eve got a little crazy, maybe it got a little dark. You’re not sure if you’re going to actually get out of bed before noon, but you roll over and check your phone, just in case anything terrible has happened while you were sleeping.



Call your best friend. There’s a new Jeff Rosenstock record.

In certain circles, this is a pretty fucking sick way to start a new year. And for the rest of us, it’s still quite a gift. Because there’s this crazy, un-crushable thing about Jeff: He makes you want to believe in something again.

Jeff Rosenstock wrote POST- in a double-wide trailer in the Catskill Mountain town of East Durham, the snow-covered hills surrounding him like a landscape of blank pages. The serene, empty space was a big change of scenery for a guy who bounces around the world like a human comet, playing super-catchy, super-devastating shout-alongs to dedicated fans around the world—in Iowa, in Australia, in Mexico, in Sweden. In Croatia, an elderly woman approached him after the show and nervously told him in broken English that she was a big fan. She brought him a beachy sculpture. It’s hanging in his bathroom. He’ll totally send you a picture of it.

After playing with Bomb the Music Industry! for a decade, Jeff switched gears and produced records for The Smith Street Band, Dan Andriano, Mikey Erg and more, and started putting out records under his own name. After the release of WORRY., things started to get way more intense for Jeff and his band. They made their first TV appearance on Last Call with Carson Daly, USA Today called WORRY the #1 album of 2016, and the band took to the road, touring endlessly for the past two years, taking breaks only to record new albums.

“2017 kinda felt like the year when we snuck in the back door,” says Rosenstock, “We kept getting opportunities to do stuff – even though we take those opportunities to do stupid shit like say how much we made on stage.” (This is the guy whose Pitchfork Music Festival performance last summer trended on Twitter after he took the stage and exclaimed, “Seventy-five hundred! Dollars! For us! To play! This festival!” Because, you know, he felt like he had to come clean about it.)

As if writing, recording, producing, and touring aren’t enough, Jeff has also been tapped to compose all of the music for a brand new Cartoon Network program, Craig of the Creek, airing in 2018.

Written in the days after the 2017 Presidential inauguration, POST-‘s lyrics get (really) heavy but the melodies are so catchy and the builds are so big and bright that the end result is more of a rallying cry than a surrender. The album was recorded in a one-week, 86-hour marathon recording session with Jack Shirley (Joyce Manor, Deafheaven) at the Atomic Garden in East Palo Alto, CA. “The four of us stood in a room without headphones on and just played the songs live to tape, and after that we had some friends (Dan Potthast, Laura Stevenson, Chris Farren, PUP) fill out some of the sound,” So, if the record feels even more unifying than usual, like a party that turns into a sleepover that turns into egg-n-cheese sandwiches on the beach that turns into a protest march that unites a gang of buddies for eternity, well, maybe that’s why.


As of January 1, POST- will be available for free download/donation on Bandcamp and Quote Unquote Records (along with the rest of his catalog). New label home Polyvinyl Record Co. will be releasing the album on vinyl and CD March 23rd.

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