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Introducing Ewan Cruickshanks – Debut Album Due February 9th 2018 Via Armellodie Records

January 7, 2018

Introducing Ewan Cruickshanks
Debut Album Due February 9th 2018 Via Armellodie Records

Ewan Cruickshanks may give the impression of being a carefree goofball – his often eccentric live show is an eclectic mix of song-writing, electronics, poetry, improvisation, rap and comedic theatrics – but his ear for harmony and melody is in no doubt, as a listen to his debut album A Glasgow Band will testify.

The first single to be taken from the album, ‘Dreams’ is a fine example of how a song can project lightweight breeziness whilst still resonating deeply within the listener. The song is described by the man himself as ‘a jangly pop song about friendship, youth and believing in yourself, kindly co-sung by my very good pal Siobhan Wilson.’ There’s an effortless charm to Ewan and Siobhan’s harmonising vocals complemented beautifully by Ewan’s twangy guitar tones and understated melodic phrasing.

Recorded in Glasgow at the Shady Lane studio by Chris McCrory (Catholic Action), Ewan delivers hook-laden, touching pop songs. Cases in point being ‘Superman’, ‘Cosmic Star’ and the sublime, ‘For a Girl’.For a Girl‘ is an essential and honest love song where Ewan has stripped away all the frills to expose the vulnerability of someone deeply in a new love. Cruickshanks’ yearning feels earnest and genuine and as such is instantly relatable. It’s a fine treat that the extended axe-noodlings on these three cuts emphatically mirror Tom Verlaine’s guitar triumphs in Television. A testament to Cruickshanks‘ guitar-chops.

Elsewhere you’ll find the tropical flavours of ‘Michael’ and ‘The Fly and Dog’, the glam-rock tinged ‘C.A.A.G.B’, and the comic horror storytelling of ‘Faster Than a Snake’, each delivered with Cruickshanks‘ sincere sense of joy, wit and charm.

An avid supporter of the grassroots music scene in Glasgow, Ewan hosts a radio show on SubCity (the student station affiliated with Glasgow University) and puts on a successful night under the banner New Stuff Always Sux. The spotlight now turns to Ewan with his debut album A Glasgow Band, released on vinyl and download from Friday 9th February 2018 on Armellodie Records.

A Glasgow Band is an incredible debut record from such a promising young act. A serious highlight to this new year already. A Glasgow Band is raucous and hypnotic from the perfected deliverance throughout. Angular riffs, jangly guitar and tantalising vocals. Each track takes you on a diverse new journey, and with each journey showcases the range of musical abilities that Ewan boasts. The album effortlessly shifts from fast paced and heavy to slow and captivation.

11 tracks of intellectual song writing, longing lyrics and harmonies to lure the listener.

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