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Dios Trio Release New Album ‘II’ | Album Feature

January 1, 2018


Dios Trio release the long awaited new album II


What better way to end 2017 and see in the new year with a new release from the prodigious instrumental outfit Dios Trio.

On December 31st 2017, the vivacious 4 piece from Westborough MA surprised their fans by releasing their new record II suddenly. Consisting of Tim Longo, Tony Kissell, Justin Brown and Sam Perry- this band are certainly are no strangers to the site, as their musical endeavours continue to advance and emphasize their aptitude. We are fascinated by the progression of this quartet and their new material showcases their growth and talent so effortlessly.

The new 10 track album features the best of melodic instrumentation. Uplifting and hypnotic math rock, intelligent guitar work fused with a dose of elevating pop and that brush of midwestern emo that resonates in Dios Trio‘s unique sound. Tantalising and fulfilling drum beats from the get-go, II really has it all.

II Track Listing

1. Get Slept
2. Pillow Flipper
3. Shark Top
4. Bikini Bottom
5. (You Need A) Hammock
6. Tool Time With Al Borland (Predatory Home Improvement)
7. Mos Def Eisley
8. Ocarina Of Tim
9. Root Wood
10. Artie T. Cooked The Books

Listen to the record streaming in full below and available to download now.

With this new record, II captures the vibrant and rhythmic projection of Dios Trio. This band have grown over time, as have their talents. 4 musicians have created 10 solid tracks with immediate melody all of which hook the listener so easily.  It’s been a while since we’ve heard from Dios Trio but this album really was worth the wait. If only we waited to release our albums of the year on December 31st this would have instantly made the cut; that being said this record will see in the new year perfectly.




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