Water From Your Eyes Announce New Album “All A Dance” Out January 19th via Exploding In Sound Records’ ongoing Tape Club

December 4, 2017

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Water From Your Eyes Announce New Album “All A Dance”

Out January 19th via Exploding In Sound Records’ ongoing Tape Club

Sharing “We’re Set Up” via The Grey Estates

Exploding In Sound Records are thrilled to share the next album in their EIS Tape Club series, the stunning new record from Brooklyn via Chicago’s Water From Your Eyes. The band, comprised of Rachel Brown (Thanks For Coming) and Nate Amos (This Is Lorelei, Opposites) are set to release their new album All A Dance on January 19th and they’ve shared first single “We’re Set Up” together with The Grey Estates.

The band’s use of electronic pop and dance music is strewn with deep grooves, and hypnotic beats, channeling the best of 80’s post-punk and 90’s dream pop in the process. Brown’s beautiful vocal melodies sit perfectly in the mix, creating a human element to the otherwise mechanical explorations of Water From Your Eyes. Their songs are winding and rhythmically driven, dance pop with a brilliant post-punk shimmer.

The Grey Estates called “We’re Set Up” a “pulsing, grooving track packed with mystery and intrigue, its allure and sheen owed much in part to Brown’s hypnotizing vocals. During its six minute runtime, the track keeps one continually guessing, incorporating new elements and sounds to its shimmying effects and percussion.”

Water From Your Eyes
All A Dance
January 19, 2018

1. Let It Ring
2. We’re Set Up
3. That’s The Girl
4. All A Dance
5. Saw Them Lie
6. Out Of Town

“”We’re Set Up” is the track that would pull you onto the dance floor or at least turn wherever you’re listening into the neon-hued dance floor of your dreams. It’s one of those moments where you can close your eyes and let your wildest fantasies take over, the single carrying you away from the darkness of the everyday to somewhere far, far away, a place secretive and secluded … It’s magic.” – The Grey Estates

Water From Your Eyes is a pop/dance project created in July 2016 by Nate Amos (Grandpa Bay Recordings, Opposites, This Is Lorelei) and Rachel Brown (Thanks For Coming). The band’s eponymous debut exhibited influences ranging from New Order and Talking Heads to Deerhoof and Stereolab. The full-length Long Days, No Dreams expanded upon these influences but incorporates elements of soft rock, 70’s album pop, and alt-country, while their latest release finds the pair adding bits of post-rock, indie pop, and soundscape recordings. The duo consistently leaves the listener to dance in familiar but uncharted territory. The music itself is composed and performed by Amos, while the vocals are written collaboratively and performed by Brown. The pair live and eat lots of Chinese food together in Brooklyn, NY.

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