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Rad Releases ’17 – Naomi Preece / Circuit Sweet

December 28, 2017

One of the busiest times for the site and one of the times I love most, the final week and last few days of the year. I love handing over the site to some of the greatest musicians, labels, promoters and just great musical-minded individual that’s we’ve had the pleasure in dealing/working alongside this year. But when the takeover falls back to the founder, myself, I always panic that I’m going to miss something spectacular from my own end of year list.

2017 for music has been incredible. This year I really struggled to pick 5 records- I just couldn’t do it, so how about 15 instead and then a huge list of special mentions.

This year once again it’s refreshing to see so many friends and their personal releases top my favourite for the past 12 months. I do hope they all feel proud of their accomplishments this year, especially how so many contributions this year have featured them (I’m looking at you Chiyoda Ku). At the start of November each year, I put the call out to get this years’ submissions and then I sit and scroll through Circuit Sweet in hope to jog my memory. This year, I’ve had time to think about those incredible records that truly have made my year. It’s been another tough year for losing our own musical icons, with names such as Charles Bradley whose music means a lot to me; sorting through my end of year list I have found comfort in the talent and new material that has come a long way in 2017.

As for Circuit Sweet, the year started with me juggling a very demanding full time job and trying to keep Circuit Sweet as current as can be. By the middle of the year once I had sorted a great routine and relying on my incredible team of writers to add their contributions (Gavin Brown– you are my hero!), I then decided to say goodbye to that job and travel across Europe in search of inspiration- be it from friends, musicians, exhibitions and new landscapes. Travelling and contributing to Circuit Sweet has been eye-opening. This year we’ve celebrated our 8th Birthday and released my favourite compilation to date (stream it here), I was incredibly overwhelmed by the artists involved and the reception it received!  I’ve slowly been working on what to do for our 10 year anniversary which is quickly approaching. We’ve hosted another year of Cassette Store Day in the shop  and our shelves have added some stunning releases from artists worldwide. It really has been a rewarding year for the site and for that I thank you all for your continued support.

So here is that very long end of year list from myself-

S T Ø J – Wo E RLD

Western Daughter – Driftwood Songs

Indian Wells – Where The World Ends

Tera Melos – Trash Generator

North End- Alpha State

Los Campesinos – Sick Scenes

Sylvan Esso – What Now

Chiyoda Ku – How It Works

Gallops – Bronze Mystics

The Afghan Whigs – In Spades

Blis – No One Loves You

!!! (Chk Chk Chk) – Shake The Shudder

A Werewolf – Wonderful Sound, Strange Shape

Rosebud- S/T EP

Weaves – Wide Open

Special Mentions

It’s been an incredible year for music and my list can go on but the following records have also made my year:

Big Walnuts Yonder – S/T
Despereaux – Hugging The Cactus
Com Truise– Iteration,
QOTSA – Villains,
Why? – Moh Lhean,
Mavis Staples– If All I Was Was Black
Pet Crow – A Simple Guide To Small And Medium Pond Life
Ohhms – The Fool
Spaceblood – Tactical Chunder
Static Masks – Late Bloomer
Brutus – Burst
Kusanagi – Aeon
The Bronzed Chorus – New Yearling
Partout Partout – Coucou
Quadrilles– Amuse Buche
Nah– Aged
Beck – Colors
Kendrick Lamar- Damn
Middle Kids– S/T EP
Oso Oso- The Yunahon Mixtape

Single release of 2017-

I have 2 that have to top this list for me, firstly Kendrick LamarHumble and secondly BayonneI know!

Best Gig of 2017-

I’ve been to fewer shows this year due to work commitments but as of 2018 more shows will be attended. That being said we’ve seen some pretty incredible acts this year and as amazing as Run The Jewels were live, my best show has to be !!! (Chk Chk Chk) at The Fleece in the summer. There’s a band that will make everybody move!

Highlights Of 2017 –

I have to say a huge huge huge thank you to all the bands, acts, artists, promoters, labels, press agencies and to our readers, this year has been the busiest but the greatest for Circuit Sweet.  A  big highlight for me has to be that compilation release which marked our 8th birthday. Listen again below-

Artist To Look Forward To 2018

The return of AULOS!!!! I’ve been listening to their new material and I just cannot wait for you to hear the progression of this duo.

Any new material from QDRPD is very exciting, I really do love this band.

Whatever Simon Gore and JIAL create it’s always worth everybody’s attention.

Finally any new music from Bayonne and I will be happy!

Circuit Sweet Plans-

We are heading into our 9th year which is totally insane. We will be continuing to bring you the best music, reviews and features your way.  I am hoping we have some more great releases in our shop, attend as many gigs as possible, review more than possible, hopefully we can sponsor some more shows/festivals, release a new compilation and help as many acts as possible.

Anyway that’s enough from me, again thank you to all that have helped us and supported us this year, you are the best!


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