Jon Jones & The Beatnik Movement Share New Video For ‘No Brainer’ – Watch Now

December 19, 2017

Jon Jones & The Beatnik Movement Share New Video For ‘No Brainer’ – Watch Now

Hailing from the old industrial city of Bradford, Jon Jones & The Beatnik Movement offer a mix of psychedelic noise, heavy fuzz tones, deep bass and thundering rhythm. With varied influences ranging all the way across the garage rock, psych, metal and post-punk spectrums – describing themselves as “80’s Matchbox meets QOTSA with naughty hints of The Cramps and Killing Joke thrown in for good measure” Having recently returned from a lengthy hiatus, Jon Jones’ new release will be emerge after a summer of gigs including opening for Meatbodies at the Brudenell Social Club.

The band have just unveiled a new video, their first video which can be seen below

Joe of the band has shared the following:

It’s only taken 12 years but here is the very first Jon Jones music video!

It was made for precisely £0.00. 

It was mostly done by our front man Joe. He directed, shot, edited and starred in it. Make of that what you will.

Based on a concept by our friend Chris Robinson. We wanted to make video that was different, ambiguous and with no particular story. It’s losely based the emotions of the song rather than word for word, but really, it’s open to interpretation. 

Hopefully you’ll like it, here’s to many more!

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