Ovlov Announce “Greatest Hits Vol. II” As First Three EPs Are Released On Vinyl For First Time via Exploding In Sound Records

October 29, 2017

Ovlov Announces “Greatest Hits Vol. II” LP

Due out December 1st via Exploding In Sound Records

Newly Remastered Collection Includes “Crazy Motorcycle Jump,” “What’s So Great About The City?” and “Not The Same Without You” EPs


Exploding In Sound Records is excited to announce that Ovlov’s first three EPs have been remixed and remastered, and are now available together on 12″ vinyl for the first time! Dubbed Greatest Hits Vol. II, the record is out December 1st, just in time for the holidays and ahead of the band’s long awaited sophomore album. The LP includes Crazy Motorcycle JumpWhat’s So Great About The City?, and Not The Same Without You. The collection is now available for pre-order. Ovlov’s next show is in Boston Bad History Month’s album release on November 8th with Pile and Longface.


Greatest Hits Vol. II
December 1st, 2017
Exploding In Sound Records

1. Strand of Steve-O
2. Ahhehuhah
3. I’m Your Dini
4. Mustachio
5. Deep Friend Head
6. The Valley
7. The City
8. What Comes Next
9. I Got Well
10. Chicken Coop
11. Small Voices

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