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Gavin Brown Takes On Moviestar | Interview Special

October 23, 2017

Gavin Brown Takes On Moviestar | Interview Special

Intergalactic archeologists Moviestar prepare to astound and amaze with their new collection of sci-fi infused punk-rock tracks. Their debut album Stupid People / Happy Days is out on 9th February 2018 via Oh Yeah!.

Moviestar are like no other band on earth. Having formed in the future on planet Fenris, Infinity VikThe Octopus Goddess and The Anaconda create their own unique version of art punk pop, filled with sonic twists and eccentric electronica throughout. The dynamic trio were chosen to go on a dangerous mission through space and time to retrieve “the stone” and save the world. Movistar were then sent to Norway, the safest nation in the world, in the dreaded year of 2016.

Gavin Brown spent some time with the trio to find out more about planet living, their craftsmanship, live shows and more…

Q- How did the band get together and can you tell us a bit about your story so far?


We were put together in the year 5523 as a team of rock archeologists to go back in time and restore The Stone for the future, our own present. Our goal here on Earth in these dreadful times of age is to spread the world of love, peace and understanding, and thus preventing the metal wars of 2792-2813 to ever taking place. By the cunning use of rock we seek to enlighten and inform the present time people of the grave dangers that lie ahead.


Q- Moviestar consists of Infinity Vik, The Octopus Goddess and Anaconda. What do each of the members bring to the band?   

The Octopus Goddess is the brains, Infinity Vik is the drama queen, Anaconda is the male obelisk or the eye candy if you like. So Octopuss plays a multitude of instruments at the same time. Naturally when she has so many arms (though some of them invisible to the naked eye), Infinity spends a lot of time trying desperately to charm the audience with words, singing and very loud shouting, while the beautiful Anaconda grooves the band along with a fairly small drum kit (he doesn’t have anything to prove, you know what we mean.)


Q- Infinity Vik has been likened to a female version of David Bowie, was the Thin White Duke a big inspiration? 

Oh yes, The Thin White Duke was a time traveler as well, in his early years when you all knew him as Ziggy Stardust. He had to stop being Siggy Stardust because time traveling takes a toll on the body and is fairly unhealthy. He came to our time once for a brief time and sang to us about the troubles of his time. So he is the main informant. And was Infinity Viks first teacher for singing Rock N Roll.


Q- As residents of the planet Fenris, what do you make of Earth, the planet you call home now?


When we first arrived we were a bit shocked. And with this extreme wormhole-jetlag it was pretty tough to make sense of it all. It took some time to fully understand the extreme shortcomings of a lot of the spirits that roam the Earth in the present. People seem to care for being stupid, and dumbed down. With arms wide open people welcome the bluntest of ideas and willingly eat shit for breakfast, lunch, dinner and evening supper. It’s time for that to stop. If you are hungry for the future, stop eating shit!


Q- Which earthling musicians have inspired you to make music?


Peter Hammill of Van der Graaf Generator, and himself,  is like our twin separated at birth and by thousands of years. He somehow knew all the answers, but very few people listened to his extremely important words. Do so! There is Still Life.


Björk is a huge inspiration to us. Her holy documents (what you call albums) was one of the few things left after the Stone was destroyed under the metal wars. We sort of learned to speak the earth-language of english through listening to her holy documents. Upon our arrival in 2016, we had nailed her nordic way of singing, only we did it talking. We sing like other holy document gods did/do. But her way seemed so honest and true. So we stuck to talking that way.


Q- What made you pick the bands name?

Moviestar is a homage to the old Gods of  this time. In our time, 5523, They made an impact on us that resembled the notion of moving stars. We now know that there are other stars in your time like Rock Stars and Art Stars and Book Stars. We now know we should have picked the name Rockstar. We are SO sorry if this confuses the audience.


Q- Who is your favourite movie star from Earth of all time and why?


Well we are three individuals in the band so that is a constant discussion. Infinity Vik really digs Marilyn Monroe because she is so hot. So Infinity has written a song for her that you can find on our youtube channel: moviestartheband. Octopussys favorite one is Charlie Chaplin because he lives dangerously is very smart and foreseeing (although we recently found out she is actually in love with Rowan Atkinson). Anacondas main man is Arnold Schwarzenegger cause he is so big and hard.


Q- How would you describe the music of Moviestar to someone who had never heard you before?


To put it all together in one stew; Information, rock, well meant propaganda, melody, fun, power and emotions. 
Think of Bowie, LCD Soundsystem, The Cure, The Kinks, Television, B-52s.  People have called our genre Sci Fi induced Art Punk Pop.


Q- Your debut album Stupid People/Happy Days is out next February. What can fans expect from the album when it comes out?


Expect it to change the course of mankind for the better! It’s a journey in colors. A kaleidoscope of expressions suited for the information-hungry young man and woman who wants to dance and hold hands in the hope of saving the world. Nothing less.


Q- What are the songs on the album about? 

Stupid People is about our meeting with humankind and a short introduction of ourselves.
Chosen Ones is the story and the prophecy of our coming. We were kinda disappointed that no one had a prophecy document about our arrival when we came, so we had to write one ourselves.
Fortune Teller is an ancient primal love story that foresees the struggles of love throughout all existence of time.
Ronny tells the tale of our nemesis Ronny Scorpio, who snuck through the wormhole to sabotage our mission on Earth. Screw him!
Lonely is a song to remind you that the universe is your home and your family. The feeling of loneliness is therefore an illusion.
Killer Fan is a homage to all our fans that constantly want to have sex with us. It is very kind, but an impossibility.
Love song  is about Infinity Viks not so well kept secret crush on President Supremius.
Technology is a description of the tremendous difficulties deep science and space travel offer.
Trip to mars is about dangerous women who destroy men. Beware!
Happy Days talks about how everything might turn out once everybody is happy and LCD Soundsystem is playing at our house, in the middle of our street.


Q- You’ve just released the single Stupid People as a taster for the album.  Do you think  it is the perfect introduction to your music?


Not at all. Pay attention to the future. We always seek perfection through the imperfect.


Q- Have you got any live dates coming up?


Lots! In the land of ENG we will play these holy ceremonies:
October 28th – The Prince Albert, Brighton


Q- What is a Moviestar live gig like?


Like having sex for the first time, only it’s damn good and lasts much longer! So naturally you become extremely happy, and want to dance or cry without knowing why.


Q- How do the audiences at your gigs on Earth differ from those in your home planet?


We did not do holy ceremonies on Fenris, our home planet. Our mission given to us by President Supremius was to go back to your time and form a rock n roll band and do holy ceremonies.  So we are actually newbies in Rock N Roll cause we never played at Fenris.


Q- Who would you love to do a tour with?


Queen, Jimi Hendrix or Frank Zappa would be cool.


Q- What has been the most emperor able thing that has happened to the band at a live gig?


We put the audience to deep hibernation sleep, abducted them and cuddled them for three weeks, then hurried them back in time to get home to their spouses once. It was a blast.


Q- What music are you listening to at the moment?


Well that varies. We argue all the time about what music is the best music.  We have different tastes apart from the music we make together. Anaconda mostly listens to Robert Wyatt stuff, Prefab Sprout and Van der Graaf Generator. Infinity Vik listen to stuff like Sonny Boy, Jimmie Rodgers and Screaming Jay. And The Octopus Goddess has had a huge discovery of classical music since we arrived here. Stuff like Rachmaninov, Ravel, Schostakovich and Bob Hund.


Q- What are Moviestars plans for the rest of this year, before the album comes out?


We will release the next taster of our holy document, Chosen Ones, in november.  Hopefully we will have another music video for it. Also we will leak lots of exclusive behind the scenes material of the music video for Stupid People. Cause that production was a total shit show and our audience deserve to know why.
Thank you Moviestar!! 

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