Big Heet Share New Single “Failure At Work”- “On A Wire” Out October 20th via Exploding In Sound Records’ Tape Club

October 15, 2017

James Oliveros

Big Heet Share New Single “Failure At Work” via Uproxx

“On A Wire” Out October 20th via
Exploding In Sound Records’ Tape Club

New Show Announced with Speedy Ortiz and Tera Melos

Big Heet, the Tallahassee quartet led by former Ex-Breathers guitarist/vocalist David Settle, are sharing their new single “Failure at Work” via Uproxx. Taken from the band’s upcoming full-length debut, On A Wire, due out October 20th via the Exploding In Sound Records Tape Club, the track offers a different look into the explosive post-punk explored throughout the album than lead single “Flint“. Where the former single was indebted to the art-punk of Devo and their everlasting devolved influences, “Failure at Work” is slow burner that works off an extended intro to develop into’s own tangled web of razor sharp post-punk.

Uproxx called the single, “a slow-burning track that exceeds five minutes in its build toward a thrashing climax where Settle’s screams are masked by fuzzy guitars and distorted bass. Suddenly, the sound abruptly breaks, there is silence, and then a more toned back version of Big Heet re-enters to take the song full circle.”

Big Heet’s David Settle added:

“I know so many people of my generation whose lives have been stagnated by student debt and mindless jobs with no growth and an economy wrecked by previous generations. I found myself completely depressed at a dead-end job that I only stayed at because it financially supported personal dreams that led nowhere in the end. Often I wonder if I would’ve been better off preparing for a more successful and only slightly less shitty career with way less personal gratification. What kind of choice is that?”


11/08 – Tallahasse, FL @ Club Downunder w/ Tera Melos and Speedy Ortiz

Big Heet
On A Wire
October 20, 2017
Exploding In Sound Records
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1. On A Wire
2. Flint
3. Yellow Badge
4. Suitandtie Skin
5. Conversation Paranoia
6. Mirror
7. Failure at Work
8. Incomplete
9. Digital Age
10. Personal/Political

“Flint,” a song that rages against the hubris and destruction brought on by a capitalist society, one that violates basic human rights for the sake of profit margins. It’s a rager of a song, and one that demands repeat listens. – David Anthony (Post-Trash)


Big Heet is a 4-piece from Tallahassee, FL. Started by singer and guitarist David Settle in the summer of 2016 after the breakup of Ex-Breathers, the band was rounded out by roommates Geoff Perkins (bass) and Ronnie Francisco (drums).  Although most of their new record On A Wire was written as a three-piece, they were later joined by guitarist Josh Saul of Miracle Roy to help fill out their sound.  After fine-tuning the songs at local house shows, they recorded the album in the practice room of their house in July of 2017. Fueled by the anxieties of living in darker and darker times and trying to stay politically aware and active when national and local travesties keep piling up, Big Heet blends different influences from punk, post-punk, hardcore, and noise rock in an attempt to capture the stress of staying sane in today’s world.
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