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S T Ø J Set To Release EP Wo E RL D October 6th Via October Tone | EP Release Special

September 27, 2017


S T Ø J – Wo E RL D EP release 

October 6th via October Tone Records

Joseph Smalley is best known as one half of the unruly Quadrupède, the drummer for a band that has forever blown our minds. The 2 piece are well known to Circuit Sweet and soon became one of our favourite live bands around, with several ArcTanGent appearances, a handful of EU tours and 2 phenomenal records, the album which followed the EP release.

Now musician Joseph has created his own solo debut EP under the moniker of  S T Ø J focussing his efforts on sublime synth waves fused with daring electronics and is about to release one of the most promising debut releases we’ve had the pleasure in hearing.

Wo E RL D is set for release October 6th via October Tone Records and this EP is awe-inspiring, a total credit to this hard working musician.

Artwork- Mathilde Aubier


Wo E RLD Track Listing

01 An introduction to all things collapsing beneath our feet
03 Hyökyaalto
04 uoƨ qεшεпʁεƨ pʁпꞁεuƚ
05 Woods

On first listen S T Ø J has elements within his creations that can compare to the likes of Indian Wells, Bayonne, Klangstof and Roedelius but ultimately S T Ø J has created a record so unique and so worthy of all your attention.

Wo E RLD is a world apart from other debut records, the perfect electronic peregrination. S T Ø J is a minimalist composer making magnificent all encompassing deep compositions. This imaginative record filled with ambient and uplifting oscillations is resilient, boundary breaking and addictive. Layers and layers of complex electronics, dreamy synth waves mixed with an array of maze-like structures.

This record lacks nothing, you need to hear it again and again to understand the perplexity and magnitude of this EP, each listen you’ll hear something new- another layer, another new sound. This intricate release is nothing short of flawless; the textures within each bar, each note is something else. Sonic waves, electronic oddities and the right amount of ambience- S T Ø J you’ve just created one of the most developed and mesmerising records of our time.

S T Ø J recently released a live session of VCSUVIO and an improvised interlude, recorded in an attic in Le Mans (France). To get some understanding of why this musician has left us amazed, watch the session below-


October 6th, October Tone Records will be releasing a handful of cassettes to support the EP release, be sure to get one!







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