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Purna – Grachiel Album Release Special | Gavin Brown

September 10, 2017



Purna are a trio who specialise in making ambient soundscapes that sound like they will hypnotize you at points and at others, will activate and move you.

The band feature members of No Grave Like The Sea and Katmai like those other bands, the sound of Purna is the sound of going on a journey that transcends normality and their latest album Grachiel soundtracks their latest journey.

The albums opening track One Way Voice Link is a vast track and sets the bands agenda out in a straightforward manner (in that it lays the atmospheric nature of the music out flat but this is far from simple music), but also in a way that makes you think about where the bands music and vision will take you and for you to make your own mind up about what you take from it. This is music that makes you think and question but also takes your mind away from things. There is plenty of time for both as this is a sprawling track

The sprawling nature of the bands music continues onto the albums second track (as it does for the duration of Grachiel) MFSW which has more a dreamlike feel to it but retains that mixture of knowing and unknowing thoughts set to such vast sounds. Alone At The Summit is a song that is aptly named, the track has a very sparse feel to it and you can just imagine looking out from atop a mountain, gazing from above all by yourself which is part of its power but it is also a gentle and comforting collection of sounds that evokes both happiness and sadness and is a fine companion to the opening two tracks.

An Object At Rest is the most powerful track on the album and it has a very uplifting and ethereal vibe to it and a captivating power that takes you in without you even realising that it has done it and by that point you have been wrapped in a blanket of those hazy sounds.

Grachiel ends with the light spacey drone of 11545kHz and then the closing epic crescendo of Rationale, (a track that is probably the most hypnotic one on the entire album), signals the end of this particular journey and it is a journey that has been comforting, enlightening and occasionally harrowing but above all else, it has been soothing and that is the true nature of any good music.

Purna is one of the latest artists to join the AM800 Sound family and this record will be unveiled to the world in due course. AM 800 Sound will have a limited run of hand printed tape cassettes and CD’s- be sure to check their website for more information.




Words : Gavin Brown

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