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Partout Partout Unveil Live Video Of Festival Décibulles Appearance

September 19, 2017

Photo Patrice Hercay

Partout Partout Unveil Live Video Of Festival Décibulles Appearance

It’s no surprise that we seem to have a thing for duo’s- we are forever raving about some great instrumental duo’s- for instance- Aulos, Quadrupede, A Werewolf, Space Blood, La Jungle– there’s certainly an abundance of incredible acts but we’ve got another band that you will soon be craving for more music from and that’s Partout Partout.

This refreshing and extremely promising band consist of Florian from 100% chevalier and Marlon from Pauwels and together they will astound all. The french 2-piece pack a punch that’s for sure, they will captivate you and more importantly you hear/see them and you’ll be dancing.

This fun, enigmatic duo are fierce and delve into obnoxious instrumentation. We can’t urge you enough to listen to them, the energy is consuming from the get-go and their deliverance is out of this world.

The pair have just unveiled a live video of their recent appearance at Festival Décibulles during the summer, watch the footage below-


 Partout Partout are as submerging as music should be- get back to the UK!




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