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Introducing… Lieza!

September 26, 2017

Introducing… Lieza!

For fans of… Banks, Halsey, Låpsley
Having been songwriting for years, Nashville-based artist Meghan Roner – aka LIEZA – has finally found her sound and has now released her sparkling new single Eyeliner via LV Music. The track is now available to buy on iTunes and stream on Spotify.

You can also stream the single via LIEZA’s Soundcloud page.

Oozing a lyrical honesty and raw emotion, Eyeliner comes straight from the heart. Of the track, LIEZA explains: “… Eyeliner is that anthem that you sing to yourself in the mirror when you’ve had a bad day and you’ve forgotten what makes you unique, what makes you strong… Put on your ‘eyeliner’, whatever armour that may be for you, and then go out and take on the world…”

Filled with shimmering melodies alongside glitchy beats and the sweeping power of Roner’s rich vocals, Eyeliner is a wonderfully empowering track, with shades of the infectious electro-pop sound of Banks.

LIEZA’s journey to where she is today started out when she became an intern for Grammy Award-winning writer and producer Femke Weidema. Having travelled from Texas to go to school in Nashville, with no friends or family nearby, in order to follow her dream, she now works alongside Weidema to create her beautifully introspective, yet thoroughly danceable, creations.

Eyeliner is out now via LV Music and is available to buy on iTunes and stream on Spotify.

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