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HVMM – Talk To Me Like I’m Dead EP Review | Gavin Brown

September 19, 2017


Talk To Me Like I’m Dead 

HVMM follow up a string of well received singles with debut EP, Talk To Me Like Im Dead, a collection of songs that includes those singles as well as more new songs which are soon just to be as well received. The Worcester four pieces brand of hard blues indebted alternative rock has already won them plaudits both for their music and their incendiary live show and this EP will certainly see that continue.

The EPs opening track Lacerate is a swaggering introduction to the bands music and sees them announcing to the world what they are all about and as opening salvos go, it definitely does that and does it well.

The following track 1924 continues that swaggering start and swagger has to be a word that sums up HVMMs music well. The track has a mid paced groove that is perfect for vocalist Andy Teece to spit his vocals over and the whole affair powers along nicely, especially when the song reaches its powerfully, sleazy finale.

Beggars And Thieves has more of an energetic feel to it with a classic stomp that can’t fail to get your feet going alongside some very dirty guitar riffs while Going Postal has that bluesy swagger running through its veins, a creeping riff is the backbone of the song over which Teeces and guitarist Ebony Clays vocals intertwine to create something special. The epic Millie’s Town starts with that bluesy dirge before evolving into the heaviest thing on the EP, this song is packed full of ideas, sprawling instrumental sections and despite being over seven and a half minutes long, with everything going on, it only feels like half that time.

The EP finishes with the Circular Living, a jagged song unlike anything that has gone on before it with its mixture of harsh and delicate soundscapes and shows a different side to HVMM and finishes the EP off well.

As well as having that necessary swagger, HVMMs music has a confrontational approach to it, is packed full of the right kind of attitude and on Talk To Me Like I’m Dead, their music comes across as vibrant, inflammatory and forward thinking. This is a band who know what it takes to succeed in the music industry and on the strength of this debut EP, they’re not going  to let anyone stand in their way.

Words: Gavin Brown

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