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Foot Village founder shared debut from America Fuck

September 21, 2017

Foot Village founder shared debut from America Fuck

America Fuck is the product of living with toxic politics as the foreground; attempting to complete life’s menial tasks while filled with both rage and despair. ‘Fertility Clown’ (on Deathbomb Arc) calls upon the brash immediacy of 80s political punk, the swirling disembodiment of free jazz, shoegaze’s resonate escapism, and the grim despair of goth to create a set of emotional tones that simultaneously are cooperative and combative.

Brian Miller (Foot Village, Gang Wizard, True Neutral Crew) plays drums and electronics. Sam Angiulo (Lana Del Rabies) sings and plays synth bass. Mastered in part by Joel Morales.

Cover photo by Mike Castaneda. Cover art by Sam Angiulo .

Song titles by David Graeber (please note the URLs listed as song titles on the digital files are merely directions to the real song titles, which are too long for any current digital formatting).

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