Martin Luke Brown unveils calming visuals to accompany ‘Into Yellow’

July 7, 2017

Martin Luke Brown unveils calming visuals to accompany latest single, the lush ‘Into Yellow’

”Into Yellow’ is a heavenly return, rooted in that billowing, gossamer vocal that flies up into the heavens’ Clash

 ‘filled with raw emotion’ Indie Shuffle

piercing vocals that have just the right amount of grit and smooth soul’ Hilly Dilly

Martin Luke Brown: “It was a sort of meditation for me creating these visuals & I envisioned it being similar experience for anyone choosing to watch it. I’d recommend going full screen and switching fully off from the world for 2 minutes + 44 seconds. Escapism.”

‘Into Yellow’ is London-based Martin Luke Brown’s first single on Manchester indie label LAB Records and the follow up to ’65 Roses’, ‘Shadow & Light’ and acclaimed Sody collaboration ‘Wasted Youth’. With marked tastemaker buzz, and an ever-expanding fan base MLB is set to step out into a new sound with a growing sense of purpose and control.

Consistently building towards a climactic release which never comes, ‘Into Yellow’ is bold in its restraint. Where lesser songwriters would’ve opted for an overblown resolution, Martin Luke Brown retains a simmering emotional tension throughout. Exploration of empty space gives the textured instrumentation room to breathe whilst Martin’s soulful vocals are imperious throughout.

An invisible pulse locks you into the claustrophobic yet comforting world ‘Into Yellow’ creates, whilst a combination of recognisable sounds- the drone of the organ, the rumbling of the bass- and otherworldly sonics gel into an oxymoronic form of calm chaos.

These juxtapositions in the track reflect his up-and-down experiences in his short career so far, with the self-confident resolution equally telling.

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