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Donnie Willow Exhibition EP Release Special | Gavin Brown

July 18, 2017


Donnie Willow

Glasgow three piece Donnie Willow play an angular style of alternative rock with a sound that evokes both Glassjaw and Deftones and on their new EP Exhibition, their passionate sound is captured perfectly with their songwriting talents encapsulated over a faultless production.

Exhibition kicks off with the wail of feedback that introduces opening track Stuck although that is quickly replaced with a simple riff and a powerful roar that announces the bands intentions with their sound. Emotional passages go hand in hand with the powerful elements and this allows Donnie Willow to create an atmosphere that allows the song to elevate, something that happens a lot on Exhibition and this allows the bands songs to grow and this first track  is a perfect opening exposure to the bands sound. The passion doesn’t waver from then on in with the following track Blessed Company just as as what has come before it but with an added edge of ferocity complete with some unhinged vocal roars and an air of triumph To it. The pounding Toys (the first single from the EP), has to be the best song on here with certain elements reminding me Tool circa Aenima, which is a good thing indeed, only certain elements though as the bands fiery music has its own vibe. This song is a triumphant anthem that sounds pissed off but not preachy and highlights the bands intensity which I would imagine (and would like to witness) would be formidable in a live environment. Exhibition closes with the more downbeat I Still Remember, a song that is both calmer and catchier but still as spirited albeit in a more emotional fashion and shows a different side to the Donnie Willow sound, a side that shows how good the band are and ends things on a eclectic note.

With Exhibition, Donnie Willow have made a great start, this is a band with a lot of promise and they can only go even further up from here. This a passionate and well crafted start from them and a release that a lot of people will love when they check it out.




Words: Gavin Brown

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