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Surprise Attacks Presents Ræppen, Rosebud and MNTZ Live at The Firefly Worcester | Live Review

June 13, 2017

Surprise Attacks Presents Ræppen, Rosebud and MNTZ Live at The Firefly Worcester 

Once again Worcester’s finest promoters  Surprise Attacks hosted another eclectic evening of intricate music at their tail end of last month at The Firefly in Worcester. Hosting what was described as a night of shamanic drone and dark electronica, the evening resembled some kind of ritual- music damnation and the best blast beats around. Late night summer nights are the best with Surprise Attacks picking one hell of an intriguing line up.

Kick starting the night of noise, MNTZ led some atmospherical electronic sounds mixed with a wall of feedback. Captivated by the gripping and fortuitous sounds being created in front of the crowd, the room felt smaller as all came together to witness the solo project of Oli Montez- one half of Aulos. The musician created each intricate layer of his work, layer by layer in front of our eyes, building up his tracks to create buoyant peaks, whispered samples, notional electronic soundscapes and vicious riffs. All of this immersed into a set of several tracks which effortlessly flowed from one to the other, engaging all.



Having just released their new 5 track debut release on cassette, Worcester’s own harsh noise heroes Rosebud were next up in the nights proceedings. For those that have never seen this act perform live, the band thrive on illusion. As the lights go out and the black backdrop showcases a sinister looking logo before some visual art takes over the back wall. One shadow behind a briefcase appears, whilst suddenly a figure is placed within the crowd of onlookers, crouching wrapping the microphone chord around their body. Their musical set empowers and delivers as the pair construct confrontational noise fusing their eerie dark mixture of industrial noise rock and deep dub elements. Their stage presence is unlike anything else, a combination of their performance and their dark noise, the swirling beats and evocative hooks will play havoc with your senses- the pair create a theatrical and somewhat darkly unnerving performance. Without a doubt, a must see.


Just as you thought the night of drone and insane beats couldn’t get any more dramatic, a cloaked and hooded figure appears with bare feet standing in the dark with an old drum made from reindeer in one hand, it’s horn hitting the skin in the other hand and a handful of pedals thrown on the floor. Ræppen, is the work of a Nomadic travelling Shaman who travels the planet creating ritualistic drones. To watch this musician perform live is a unique experience which will tantalise your senses and leave you in awe. Mixing shamanic drones, modern technology to create hypnotic soundscapes. Ræppen builds musical layers fused with his own intense throat singing, it’s not for the light-hearted but it is hypnotic. It’s not something everyone may seek out initially it is a highly unique, genuine experience. Something that can only be achieved by someone who is one hundred perfect into shamanism and has the research and experience to perform the rituals.





Images courtesy of Grant Harper Photography



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