Australian noise rock/power duo DEAD unleash final instalment in The Trilogy series

June 9, 2017

Australian noise rock/power duo DEAD unleash final instalment in The Trilogy series

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“Sleep-esque bass/drum jams that pre-empt the landslide of gloriously scuzzy, Big Business-meets-Harvey Milk riffs…”

“DEAD pull off successfully in this release the energy of rock and roll, along with the brutal depth and heftiness of sludge atmosphere.”

“This band creates music with the out-the-box vibe of Captain Beefheart and the muscle of the Melvins.”

“It’s crawls and climbs towards you, like a wounded bear soaked in the blood of it’s prey. Big, ugly, and mean, DEAD’s latest album is utter perfection.”

“I reckon DEAD are heaps confusing, but I also reckon they are heaps clever, and trying to make us all look like fools.”

Unpopularity Contest – The Trilogy is complete.

Four records in less than 12 months – who does that? DEAD do.
Why? Because they can.

With Unpopularity Contest the four LP series The Trilogy finally comes to a close. Each release has seen the band present a different musical direction and work with an impressive lineup of guests. The fourth and final chapter features the band in collaboration with Vern Avola aka EMS – underground synth wizard from Portland, Oregon.

EMS is a sometimes touring partner of DEAD and the band consider her to be an exceptionally talented and inspiring individual. One single piece takes up an entire side of vinyl in what might be described as the soundtrack to a slow, brooding nightmare. As with We Won’t Let you Sleep this record was made with Toshi Kasai at Sound of Sirens.

Melbourne cult power trio Wicked City take care of side two with three explosive punk rock bangers. DEAD have admired Wicked City’s unique and uncompromising contribution to progressive punk rock for many years and working with them on this is no small honour.

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