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Rosebud drop new 5 track self titled EP release

May 17, 2017

Rosebud drop new 5 track self titled EP release

Worcester harsh noise heroes Rosebud have just unveiled a new 5 track release, recorded and mixed by A Werewolf’s beat destroyer Zack Esposito.

The band thrive on illusion and Rosebud have revealed their latest masterpiece- having created an unruly glitchy and sharp record that screams talent and something of their own. The conceptual art and electronic act have let us into their ingenious record, a record which is destined to erupt- absorb the release in all it’s entirety below.

Musically the pair construct confrontational noise fusing their eerie dark mixture of industrial noise rock and deep dub elements that is screaming all things punk. An act we urge you all to see live due to their intense stage presence- this intensity has been effortlessly captured in their recording environment.

The band have also unveiled a limited run of cassette tapes, get your copy whilst you can- https://rosebudnoise.bandcamp.com/releases

Rosebud terrify your senses- what’s more to love.


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