NOGA EREZ shares surreal video for “Off The Radar”. Great Escape shows + new London show announced

May 16, 2017


“Israel’s most defiant star.” The Observer
“Too fierce and original to be pigeonholed.” Sunday Times Culture
The work of an artist light years down the line.”DIY
“She is fearless and fantastic.” Wonderland
“Erez’s music expertly channels the unease that’s crept over the world.” – i-D
“The combination of music and visuals is close to unbeatable.” – Loud & Quiet
“Few artists are making electronic music quite as striking and important as Noga Erez is right now.” – NME
“An electronic producer who brings beauty to uncertainty.” – Jezabel
“This is techno with something to say.” – Bitchmedia
Bold in sound, style and subject matter, the singer-producer infuses her electro-pop with tightly coiled fury.” – NPR

With two shows at The Great Escape this Friday and a new June London show just announced, today Tel Aviv’s fast-rising star, NOGA EREZ, has premiered a striking and surreal video for Off The Radar.

Off The Radar is the title track from her forthcoming debut album, to be released on June 2nd via City Slang.

“The video takes place at a bizarre sports event where all the participants are weird and eccentric creatures,” says Erez. “We wanted to create a world that shows characters who are trapped in a loop of trying to prove themselves. The judges of this contest are faceless. They express their approval by their moving hands, though you can’t really tell whether they like or dislike the performances. It’s a very festive looking, yet very alienated world.”

Directors Eden Kalif and Daniella Meroz add that it “deals with the concept of being judged, and the perceived necessity of having to meet the expectations of others. The characters perform in a ‘competition’ that has no real ending or winner, just like we feel when we put ourselves deep in the race of life.

Born four days before the Gulf War started, for Erez, there was never any doubt that, whatever music she chose to make, and whatever she felt about her homeland, she could never ignore her surroundings. After all, even escapism acknowledges there’s something to escape from, and at times – like many who’ve grown up in Tel Aviv – she has wanted to shut herself off from a world rendered beyond comprehension by forces beyond her control. But if there’s one thing Erez isn’t – and sometimes it’s easier to say what artists as complex and fresh as her aren’t than are – it’s naïve. And what this means is simple: her work reflects the manner in which she’s learned to live. As she puts it, “I have this idea of giving people moments of thought and inspiration, and at the same time offering escapism and fun.”

It’s not the easiest of goals, but few succeed as well as Erez. While the music she makes in collaboration with her partner and co-writer, composer and producer Ori Rousso, exploits many of the more physical, dynamic elements of electronic music, it also embraces a cerebral sensitivity that’s made her one of her home city’s most exciting, idiosyncratic artists. As inspired by Björk, M.I.A. and fka Twigs as by Flying Lotus, Kendrick Lamar and Frank Ocean, the grainy textures and potent atmospheres forged with her synths and ingenious beats bravely straddle genres, energised further by the environment in which she’s grown up.

Uncompromising and unpredictable, sophisticated and bold, Noga Erez is clear about her ambitions. “Our way of trying to keep in contact with our feelings and fears, and of avoiding emotional detachment about everything, is music. Human beings can come from completely different places but share a fundamental basis of emotions. In my opinion, music is the form of art or communication that expresses that most accurately.” The conversation starts now.

Off The Radar is available for pre-order here:

Noga Erez live dates:
May 19 – Brighton, UK @ The Great Escape // 3pm Shipwright’s Yard 
May  19 – Brighton, UK @ The Great Escape // 10:30pm Komedia Bar
June 03 – Barcelona, ES @ Primavera Festival
June 13 – London, UK @ Pickle Factory
June 30 – Roskilde, DK @ Roskilde Festival
July 08 – Belfort, FR @ Les Eurockeenees de Belfort Festival
July 15 – Gräfenhainichen, DE @ Melt Festival
July 29 – Vasto, IT @ Siren Festival
August 05 – London, UK @ Visions Festival

Off the Radar track list:
1) Balkada
2) Dance While You Shoot
3) Toy
4) Instruction
5) Pity
6) Quiet One
7) Worth None
8) Global Fear
9) Hit U
10) Off The Radar
11) Side Effect
12) Muezzin
13) Noisy
14) a hit Is A Hit
15) Junior

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