Milk Share “Too High To Drive” – Horsetown Threshold out June 2nd on Midnight Werewolf Records

May 7, 2017

Lauren Jospehs

Milk Share “Too High To Drive” via FLOOD Magazine

Horsetown Threshold out June 2nd on Midnight Werewolf Records

East Coast Tour Dates Announced

Boston’s Milk are getting ready to release their new album Horsetown Threshold on June 2nd via Midnight Werewolf Records (Kal Marks, Fórn, Pleasure Gap) and today they are sharing “Too High To Drive” together with FLOOD Magazine. A portrait of a rock band living in New England, the band’s sophomore album is built on common emotions ranging from the most delicate to the devastatingly heavy. Horsetown Threshold is a reflection on the anxieties of everyday life, the little things that bring you down or pick you up for reasons you can’t quite wrap your head around… time passing, people changing, and the understanding that comes with it.

Rooted in distorted rock ‘n’ roll, fuzzy stoner-pop, and alt-country underpinnings, the sound of Horsetown Threshold is eclectic and without boundaries. From twangy lo-fi Americana to blistering slacker punk, Milk’s sound is raw, unpredictable, and shaky by design. Lead single “Too High To Drive” is the perfect encapsulation of this, a song that opens with a soothing finger picked melody and twangy resolve that gets periodically demolished with distortion without losing a step. FLOOD shared:

“Brady and Taber are classic songwriters, piecing together solitary small-town vignettes in much the same way that Jeff Tweedy did circa Sky Blue Sky. “Too High to Drive,” which we’re premiering today, is one such song, though it takes a decidedly older page from Tweedy’s playbook. The song unspools on a tidy little rag of an acoustic guitar riff, the kind of thing A.A. Bondy used to put together, but as Brady cops to the level of his intoxication, the band combust in a flurry of cymbals and guitar that, despite their insistently amelodic efforts, never throw him off course.”

Having played throughout Boston with like Pile, IAN SWEET, Arbor Labor Union, Hallelujah The Hills, etc, Milk will bring their exploration of “distorted human nature” out on the road later this month, followed by further dates this Summer.

Tour Dates:

5/19 – Portland, ME @Urban Farm
5/20 – Cape Cod, MA @ Grumpy’s Pub
5/21 – New York, NY @ Piano’s
5/22 – Montclair, NJ @ Cat Circus
5/23 – VA
5/24 – Washington, DC
5/25 – Asheville, NC @ Salem’s
5/26 – Philadelphia, PA
5/27 – Upstate NY
5/29 – Burlington, VT @ Nectar’s
5/30 – Worcester, MA @ Firehouse
5/31 – Milford, NH @ Union Coffee
6/01 – Providence, RI @ Parlor Room
6/02 – Boston, MA @ Great Scott (record release)
6/03 – Hadley, MA @ Asbestos Farm

Horsetown Threshold
June 2, 2017
Midnight Werewolf Records

1. Too High To Drive
2. Horsetown
3. At The Bottom Of A Lake
4. Fishin’
5. Lord, Don’t Take Me To Prison
6. IRS
7. Vietnam
8. Then Again

Milk is a band out of Boston, MA. Matt Brady (vocals, guitar) and Sam Taber (keys, vocals) started playing together in 2012, cutting their teeth in the local scene and rehearsing in empty Boston University buildings late into the night. After a few incarnations and three releases (Hubba Hubba EP, Et In Arcadia, Contact EP), the band added H.L. Weatherby (drums) and Brian Engles (bass, vocals) to fill out their line-up.

Their music is a unique brand of rock that Matt calls “New England Gothic”. Steeped in the current landscape of Boston, their newest LP, Horsetown Threshold, out on Midnight Werewolf Records, marks a broad step forward in their sound. The album was recorded both at home and at The Record Company, and combines thick distorted Americana with mindful songwriting – songs that discuss the full spectrum of human emotions and the anxiety that often happens while trying to make sense of them.

The live show is something to be seen. Never playing the same show twice, they run the gambit of sound, bridging the gap between heavy and delicate. Milk will be touring the album for the majority of the upcoming summer, and Matt will play a host of solo dates as well – rolling it out to as many ears as possible.

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