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football, etc. – Corner Album Feature | Gavin Brown

May 28, 2017

football, etc.


Corner is the third album from Texas three piece football, etc. and continues the bands rise as they produce emotionally stirring indie rock anthems. From the jangly opening notes of first track Save to the final fading moments of its last track U20, you are taken on a rollercoaster journey through the band and their world with this collection of well charged songs.

From the very start, even though the bands music is very emotionally charged, there is definitely an air of positivity to it with vocalist and guitarist Lindsay Mintons voice soaring over the bands crunchy and jaunty melodies, and the rhythm section of bassist Mercy Harper and drummer Daniel Hawkins do a fine job of keeping the groove going throughout, only letting the energy levels go down when it is necessary for the song.

Tracks like Foul, Try Out and Advantage are upbeat and passionate, a style of their music that football, etc. do very well but there is also a more heartfelt and sometimes downbeat but always hopeful style that the band go in and that is typified by songs like the animated Space and I Believe (with its genuine “will you believe in me” refrain) and both styles work well for the band and gives the album a more rounded feel overall.

Corner is of a similar style to the bands previous albums The Draft and Audible and the EPs and split release the band have put out in terms of melody, lyrical content and overall feeling,  but this one has a more pristine production that makes the band sound clearer, this album was recorded with the well respected J Robbins (who has worked in the past with emotional hardcore heroes Jawbreaker and Burning Airlines) and he does a wonderful job of adding an extra layer to the bands sound and making their already great songs sound even better.

With this album, football, etc. have made the best album of their career so far and have a cracking collection of songs that will delight fans both new and old, songs that will inspire, delight and make you relate in equal measure.

Corner Out Now via Community Records in the UShttp://communityrecords.limitedrun.com/products/589392-football-etc-corner and Barely Regal Records in the UK http://barelyregalrecords.bigcartel.com/product/football-etc-corner-12-vinyl-pre-order

Words: Gavin Brown

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