Supersonic Festival line-up announcement; Nawa Recordings label showcase, curated by Khyam Allami, plus Laniakea, Pigs x7, Grey Hairs, Flowers Must Die, Casual Nun, Big Joanie, & Mohammad announced

April 4, 2017

  Today we announce a further dose of exemplar, eclectic and extraordinary musical delights to the 2017 Supersonic line-up, scheduled to take place across three venues in the cultural hub of Digbeth, Birmingham during 16th to 18th June. Already brimming with premier music and artistic talent, with the calibre of ANNA VON HAUSSWOLFF, COLIN STETSON, OXBOW CHOIR, MELT BANANA, ZU, and ZONAL to name just a small selection, we are now delighted to announce a very special NAWA RECORDINGSrecord label showcase, presenting four of their artists, curated by label owner and multi-instrumentalist Khyam Allami.  Supersonic are also pleased to announce additions of PIGS PIGS PIGS PIGS PIGS PIGS PIGS, LANIAKEA, GREY HAIRS, BIG JOANIE, FLOWERS MUST DIE, CASUAL NUN and MOHAMMAD. Read on to find out more about all the featured artists in this latest announcement…
NAWA RECORDINGS are a limitless label with their output of innovative, alternative, shape-and-boundary shifting sonics, founded in 2011 by the visionary multi-instrumentalist KHYAM ALLAMI.  Having released critically acclaimed albums by Maurice Louca, Alif, The Dwarfs of East Agouza and Allami’s soundtrack to Tunisian director Leyla Bouzid’s award winning debut feature film As I Open My Eyes, the label brings its newest artists to the UK in an eclectic quadruple-bill.  Khyam shall curate a striking array of Nawa artists during the Sunday afternoon of the 2017 edition of Supersonic Festival, in celebration of the festival’s longstanding relationship with the musician and label owner. All of the handpicked artists hone in on their own musical influences–spanning rock, psychedelia, gritty percussion, avant-garde, jazz, electronica – all are united by their exploration of genre-defying, improvisation-based craftwork that hail from the Arab world.
Presented in collaboration with Supersonic Festival this musical showcase by Nawa Recordings features some of the Arab world’s most creative, independent and forward thinking artists, including KHYAM ALLAMI, NADAH EL SHAZLY, TWO OR THE DRAGON and KAMILYA JUBRAN / WASL. Find out more about these artists below…
KHYAM ALLAMI is an Iraqi-British multi-instrumentalist musician and composer with a formidable – and continually growing – international reputation. His latest series of improvisations consist of processed Oud, electronics and percussion. Active as a solo artist as well as an intrinsic element in Alif, Khyam incessantly performs, travels, lives and creates projects across the Arab world and Europe. He is currently plotting his long-overdue second album which will see him exploring his unique multi-faceted and multi-instrumental vision of a truly contemporary Arabic music that is inspired by the past but has its feet fully grounded in the 21st century.
NADAH EL SHAZLY is an enigmatic and abstract singer, songwriter and producer from Cairo. Drawing inspiration from the classic Arabic singers of late 19th and early 20th century, she uses distorted loops of her sensual yet powerful voice with an atmospheric mix of edgy, quirky keyboard work and her plaintive singing to create a soundworld. She is currently preparing for the release of her debut album which was co-produced by Maurice Louca and Sam Shalabi.
TWO OR THE DRAGON is a Lebanese electro-acoustic duo featuring Ali Hout (percussions, effects) and Abed Kobeissy (electric buzuq, effects). Electrifying and running their acoustic Arabic instruments through varieties of live analogue processing the duo traverse Arabic music’s capacity to express urban soundscapes and violence as an organic part of its sonic vocabulary, without causing a ruptured relationship with its lyrical roots.
KAMILYA JUBRAN / WASL – Kamilya Jubran has made her claim amongst everyone interested in Middle Eastern music. A Palestinian, she has been an active musician for several years and impressed audiences with her beautiful vocals and use of the Arabic string instrument oud. Jubran is in charge of oud and vocals, whilst Sarah Murcia (France) plays the double bass and Werner Hasler (Switzerland) adds trumpet and electronics. This combination renders a mystical, melancholy sound and creates space for reflection.
Further to which shall surely be an exceptional showcase by the Nawa Recordings label, Supersonic have added a further seven bands….more below!
LANIAKEA is Daniel O Sullivan (Ulver, Æthenor and Mothlite) and Massimo Pupillo (Zu), they draw on a rich tapestry of influences ranging from the plainchant of Hildegard von Bingen to Alice Coltrane’s vedantic tapes to the monolithic bass frequencies of Godflesh, Laniakea evokes eternal vibrations devoted to living spirit in perpetual becoming.
PIGS PIGS PIGS PIGS PIGS PIGS PIGS has been a world-of-mouth phenomenon amongst the DIY scene, bringing their feverish collision of psych-drone and riff-driven salvation to the masses. Amps and brains alike, these psychic omnivores deliver seven times the joy, seven times the pain. Members of Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs will also contribute to Richard Dawson’s Supersonic set.
GREY HAIRS hail from the fertile Nottingham DIY scene. 2017’s LP “Serious Business” matches the band’s love of volume to a new-found directness and power. Every song is like a miniature world in itself, taking unexpected twists and turns that mean just when you think you’ve got them pinned, they wriggle free.
BIG JOANIE is a black feminist punk band. In their own words, “We’re like The Ronettes filtered through 80s DIY and riot grrrl with a sprinkling of dashikis. Big Joanie formed to make awesome music but also to create a continuum for black punks by presenting a strong, powerful vision of black womanhood and telling black kids about black punks who came before us. By making black punks more visible we believe we can inspire more young black punks to get involved in punk music more.”
FLOWERS MUST DIE is a six-piece Swedish outfit pursuing an improvisation-based approach removed from the codified realm of contemporary psych. Exploring uncanny and unhinged territory fuelled by diverse record collections yet unique to their own collective headspace, Supersonic purveyors must check out the band’s craft of wayward, wild glory.
CASUAL NUN are a hotwire fuse of intoxicating buzz, heavy psychedelic krautrock ruptures and spellbinding distortion. Tripping out into darkened psychotropic realms, the band re-mould the rules of heavy psychedelia through their ethos of improv jams.
MOHAMMAD have been  forging  their  deep  monolithic  sound  for  the past  6  years,  bringing  together  low  frequencies,  inter-modulations, dark  textures,  and  distant  folk  nuances  through  custom  made instruments  and  software. Heavy  and  concentrated,  majestic  and  dark,  ethereal  and  subtle, earthly  murmurs  and  ghostly chants  roll over  their  distinctive  seismic  diapasons.
Line up so far:-
Anna Von Hausswolff
Anonymous Bash – Charles Hayward + Gnod
Big Joanie
Casual Nun
Colin Stetson
Electronica Wizard
Ex Easter Island Head – Large Ensemble
Flowers Must Die
Grey Hairs
Jenny Hval
Jessica Moss
Kamilya Jubran/Wasl
Kuro Maga
Khyam Allami
Laura Cannell
Melt Banana
Nadah El Shazly
Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs
Princess Nokia
Richard Dawson
The Space Lady
Tomaga + Pierre Bastien
Two or The Dragon
Xylouris White
Zonal (Justin K Broadrick and Kevin Martin)

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