Spencer Radcliffe & Everyone Else Share “Smoker’s Paradise” via SPIN

April 21, 2017

Chris Paxton

Spencer Radcliffe & Everyone Else Share “Smoker’s Paradise”
via SPIN
Enjoy the Great Outdoors Out 5/12/17 on Run For Cover Records
Tour Dates Announced

Spencer Radcliffe & Everyone Else released a new track today, called “Smoker’s Paradise” from their upcoming LP Enjoy the Great Outdoors, out May 12, 2017 on Run For Cover Records. SPIN shared the song, saying “It’s the heavy-hearted homeliness of a Microphones’ production with just a touch of the Grateful Dead.” Enjoy the Great Outdoors is available for pre-order from Run For Cover Records now, and spring tour dates with Elvis Depressedly and Horse Jumper of Love have been announced (all dates below).

Although Radcliffe’s previous album was a solo effort, on the newest record he’s joined by multiple collaborators who make up Everyone Else. Radcliffe said of the addition of Everyone Else to the band name, “Performing with the group had repeatedly shown a real energy added to the songs, something I fully attribute to the band’s diverse playing styles. Bringing that spirit of collaborating and the exchange of ideas into the studio felt like the only natural step for us after playing the songs from the last album together for so long… The other option was to have the band play on these songs and not bill them in the artist name, but that seemed like a crime in itself.  This is something we want to celebrate, not hide inside liner notes. I’m endlessly grateful to have these people on the record with me and honored to put forth the album as a group.”

Track Listing:
01) Land & Sea
02) Smoker’s Paradise
03) Breezy
04) Long Con
05) In The Clear
06) Trust
07) Flag
08) Wrong Turn
09) Slamming On The Brakes
10) Static Electricity

Tour Dates:
5/26 – Chicago, IL @ Landland
5/27 – St. Louis, MO @ TBA
5/30 – Dallas, TX @ Rathaus
5/31 – Austin, TX @ Barracuda
6/02 – New Orleans, LA @ Circle Bar
6/03 – Memphis, TN @ Hi-Tone
6/04 – Bowling Green, KY @ S.H. Sanctuary
6/05 – Atlanta, GA @ Mammal Gallery
6/06 – Raleigh, NC @ Radioshack
6/07 – Richmond, VA @ Strange Matter
6/08 – Baltimore, MD @ Metro Gallery*
6/09 – Jersey City, NJ @ Monty Hall*
6/10 – Brooklyn, NY @ Knitting Factory*
6/11 – Hamden, CT @ The Ballroom*
6/12 – Boston, MA @ The Middle East
6/13 – Lancaster, PA @ Lizard Lounge*
6/14 – Virginia Beach, VA @ Charlies American Cafe
6/15 – Philadelphia, PA @ Everybody Hits
6/16 – New York, NY @ TBA
6/18 – Columbus, OH @ Double Happiness

* = w/ Elvis Depressedly


The opening chords of Spencer Radcliffe’s sophomore album Enjoy the Great Outdoors feel a bit like brushing the dust off a heavy book’s rigid cover. Long forgotten––nearly lost to the ages––it has been stumbled upon among stacks of hardcovers in a desolate bookstore you entered only to ask for directions out of town. The ten tracks on this new full-length employ whimsically skewed songwriting, executed with largely traditional full band arrangements. Songs play off broad contrasting themes to address leaving and returning, uncertainty and knowledge, comfort of stability, and mystery of the unknown.

ETGO finds Radcliffe and Company along the always-open road between home and true destiny, sparkling just off in the distance. Perhaps it is a laid-back, watery, mountainous place where beer flows like wine and a lousy weekend can be charged with a crime. Fanciful yet straight-faced stories address the subjective nature of seemingly opposed destinations––and the potential truth that neither will ultimately meet expectations. Radcliffe urges the listener to “see the things there’s still left to see,” but not without the warning that “happiness is not free”. There is an overall sense of urgency in the narrative, as if the future is slowly sinking over an endless horizon like the desert sun.

For the first time, Radcliffe is joined on record by trusty backing band, Everyone Else. The group first used this name casually when assorted musicians joined Radcliffe for live performances to support the highly-regarded solo debut album, Looking In, released in 2015 on Run For Cover Records. As the band toured together, it became apparent that the onstage chemistry presented magic worth exploring in the studio. Having long included Jack Schemenauer on drums and Grant Engstrom on lead guitar, Everyone Else is expanded to include Ben Austin on cello, Nathan Dragon on bass guitar and keyboard, Tina Scarpello on vocals, and Brennan Zwieg on Rhodes piano. If Looking In presented a lone traveler wandering mapless through a vast hedge maze, then here the group marches forward like a well stocked caravan, hitting the trail in search of good times and hard answers, arms linked and a hopeful spring in their step.

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