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Space Blood – Tactical Chunder | Album Release Special

April 23, 2017

Space Blood – Tactical Chunder | Due May 3rd Via Lonely Voyage Records

Space Blood are no strangers to the site, consisting of William Covert on Drums and Sam Edgin on Bass. Together the pair combine their creativity to create an explosive melodic fusion of Math Rock, experimental, energetic instrumentation. Fusing their punk ethics with strong DIY roots results in a certain impetuous attentiveness found in Space Blood.

And if you’re a loyal follower of all things Space Blood you’ll know they’ve got something momentous up their sleeves thanks to a collaboration with Lonely Voyage Records– their new album release ‘Tactical Chunder’ due May 3rd and soon available to own on vinyl!

Could this be one of the most exciting records of 2017? We think so!

The more time the duo put into their act, their incredible live shows, their tours, their compilation releases, their love of music worldwide- the more mighty Space Blood become. The duo are about to drop one almighty album.

Tactical Chunder Tracklisting

1. Cemetery School
2. Sex Monk
3. NSFW (Nick Sintos For Work)
4. Terminal Radness
5. Techno Shamanism
6 .Cash Caballero
7. Scissor Rats
8. Unintentional Manscaping

Tactical Chunder was recorded at Steve Albini’s Electrical Audio studio by Sanford Parker, and the drum/bass duo’s sound is comparable to the noisy math-rock sound both Albini and Chicago are known for.  The pair are both master sound manipulators and their new record projects this talent from start to finish.  From the first track Cemetery School oozing it’s own hypnotic essence, you’ll find yourselves needing to repeat the track again before continuing through the album’s journey. Throughout the release, all 8 tracks boast the carefully constructed math rock sounds skilfully fused with a more powerful and intense projection.

Each track bounces effortlessly to the next, each track commanding your attention and all of which create cleverly selected instrumentation which resonates such a fun recording. As much as it does captivate, it’s also a playful and entertaining record- what’s not to love. The fact that this band have managed to create a record that plays into their entertaining tendencies is a skill in itself. This duo are intellectual noise merchants and always a must see live. The duo can be proud as they’ve created a timeless record drenched in a sonic wall of sound with deep textures due to their use of electronics, bass, drums and synths.

We’ve described the duo as an act you need to fully embrace, their audaciousness and compelling compositions leave you wanting more as you are drawn into their own unique magnetic force field. Throughout Tactical Chunder this description is apparent. Known for their stage personas and mask wearing live antics; this record portrays the band into a whole new light, a progression for the duo.  Tactical Chunder illustrates the musicians’ abilities to capture and captivate their audience with their dynamic and forceful entities, this record forces the pair to leave their masks at home as we get to hear their honest and at times brutal deliverance.

We are so excited to see what comes from this release, Space Blood‘s hard work will pay off.

Space Blood we salute you!

With the record officially set for release May 3rd, you can pre-order your copy now:

UK: http://lonelyvoyage.co.uk/shop/spaceblood-tactical-chunder-lp / https://lonelyvoyagerecords.bandcamp.com/album/tactical-chunder

US: https://spaceblood.bandcamp.com/

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