Snatch The Snail – Chromatique New Record Out Now | Album Review

April 16, 2017

Snatch The Snail – Chromatique New Record Out Now

Snatch The Snail started their year off from the ground running. A normally dry and dull month in January soon became one full of optimism as Snatch The Snail provide listeners with hope, fun and a record that oozes a ‘summer’ essence.

The Wilmington, North Carolina based act are no strangers to the site, a few years back we were delighted to showcase a new track from the band. We stand by our previous statement; this young act projects promise. The band are working hard on their own sound, they’ve honed in on tantalising swirls between upbeat psychedelic surf rock to a more abrasive punk noise-pop.

Snatch The Snail have released an album that will instantly transport you to sun and memorable times. Why wouldn’t you listen to their new exciting release ‘Chromatique’.

This 9 track release is short in length but you’ll fail to notice when the release captivates you so much, stick the record on repeat and forget about your worries. ‘Chromatique’ is infectious, you need to hear it again and again and each time you’ll discover more melody, more funrock!


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