PVT share new video ‘Kangaroo’- Album ‘New Spirit’ out now via Felte! London show on April 19th! 

April 7, 2017


Australian trio PVT (previously known as Pivot) are sharing their new video for album standout track ‘Kangaroo’, taken from their recent LP ‘New Spirit’, which is out now via Felte. The band will be playing in London on April 19th at Kamio.

Director Mclean Stephenson offered some insight as to what the ‘Kangaroo’ video is about when he said “This is the story of Australia’s most misunderstood marsupial, as told by the internet. I made it because PVT are bludgers.”

The band added: “We asked Mclean to delve into the dark web of Australian identity and nostalgia to create a video. Considering the brief was ‘kangaroos’ we think he’s done an ok job. Australia thinks of its national emblem as a pest and shoots it. That alone is a pretty weird thing to say about the place that you come from.”

“PVT have been in an on going scrap with their status for years. Their uncompromising approach to musical self-determination has seen them battling labels, trends and sometimes their own audience. They’ve come away veterans, masters in a precise, musical, and beautiful violence. But the content, the meaning, has never been this sharp, and especially never this political.

The new album once again sees frontman Richard Pike tussle with his boundaries, and he certainly isn’t afraid to go to the mats. The sound of the record itself is that of a stark digital future, but under the surface there’s a nostalgia for a different time, another way of thinking, another life. These are guys who do what they want, because they can, because they’re that good. PVT are exploring. Expanding on expectations. They carry with them the bravery and courage of the old explorer with the tolerance and understanding of the new. And they want you to join them.

Why step forward? Why continue to grow?

For progress. For the future. For a different way. For something new. Something exciting. Something in spite of the old.

New Spirit.” – Alex Cameron, 2017

See PVT live:

19.04 London, UK @ Kamio (Tickets)
21.04 Gent, BE @ Charlatan (Tickets)
22.04 Esch-sur-Alzette, LU @ Kulturfabrik (Out of The Crowd Festival) (Tickets)
25.04 Toulouse, FR @ Metronum (Tickets)
26.04 Bordeaux, FR @ Iboat (Tickets)
27.04 Limoges, FR @ Le Phare (Tickets)
28.04 Paris, FR @ Le Point Ephemere  (Tickets)
29.04 Lille, FR @ Maison Foile Moulins (PZZLE Festival) (Tickets)


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