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More Of The Mayhem: Lingua Nada | Interview Release Special

April 9, 2017

Back in March, Leipzig based quartet Lingua Nada dropped their new split LP with screamo/melodic Paan and it’s one of the most insane records you’ll hear all year, and one of the most exciting.

Lingua Nada came to our attention through the musicians in Le Mans based Quadrupede, with a reference from that act how could we not instantly love what this band are achieving. The German 4 piece are one of the most exciting bands we’ve discovered recently;  their drive, ambition and their range of influences mean the band have created something so unique. Fusing together elements of various genres: you’ll find some garage, some mathrock, shoegaze, post­hardcore and more. But it’s Lingua Nada‘s energy which captivates the listener and for that you MUST listen to their latest record.

With erratic instrumentation, a loud and obnoxious delivery and a band surrounded by mayhem- we wanted to know more on this act, their record and their live performances. We had the pleasure chatting to the musicians to find out more from the world of Lingua Nada….

Before we get to the details of the collaboration and new release we want to get to know more on you- Introduce yourselves, your band and how long have you been creating/performing live?

Adam:  I´m Adam Lenox I play different Vuvuzelas, from tenor brasilian red to regular plastic yellow “fußball” vuvuzelas
Michel: I play guitar and do a little singing in Lingua Nada. Before that, I used to play drums, sometimes virtual reality tambourine, shaker and kazoo in some mathcore and death/black metal bands. As far as I remember it was fun, although it was pretty evil. Besides Lingua Nada I write and record songs under the vicious pseudonym “Sodalane”. Adam forgot to mention that he’s also playing electric sitar in “Hellth”. They kick ass!
Arvid: Most of the time I feel like the Nanny but actually I play bass. Beside Lingua I play guitar in a Stonerpunkband.

How long has the band been established and where did the name come from?

Adam : Two years ago. I choose a name that would be very difficult for you to say when you´re drunk : “LINNGWH NANA”.

You’re a very raw act that work on your own take of experimental punk/ math rock music but we want to know what are your collective influences that shine through in your work?

Adam : justin timberlake, everybody loves justin timberlake
Michel: Well, we all like different music genres and everything will influence you at some point. Just because you’ve heard it before and your brain will automatically save it somewhere, maybe. I think this is our only collective influence and Timberlake of course.

What was that one single album or track that transformed your life, the one that directed you towards more music in your world?

Adam :  I´ve been obsessed with my mom´s mixtape simply called “Funk 80´s”since i´m able to remember music. She recorded it with some shitty mics in front of her radio speakers, made a tape that sounded horrible and that was one of the only tape we had in her really shitty car, fat larry´s band bass sound was just a square wave fart.
Michel: I used to like Backstreet Boys a lot when I was in kindergarten. Especially this one song called “Everybody (Backstreet’s back)”. But the most influencial song concerning transforming my music life was “here to stay” by Korn. Don’t worry, I couldn’t understand the English language very well back then. Ever since I’ve seen this chrome drum kit in the video of the song, I was mesmerized.
Arvid: The first album I bought was “All Killer No Filler” but I grew up with the Led Zeppelin tapes of my father. In the past years I was more influenced by records like “Cru” of Gnarwolves and the Paan stuff.

You’ve just unveiled your new 8 track split EP with Paan, describe your writing process together/recording process and how you’ve managed to get to the point of this release.

Adam : 1.Press record 2.Shred loud nonsens. 3.Throw it all in a fuzzbox 4. Call Pietsch from Kapitän Platte 5. You have a record on vinyl

What does the SPLIT LP w/Paan mean to you personally?

Adam : Friendship set in stone. Or drawn in wax-

How would you all describe your own sound?

Adam : Oh boy that´s a hard one
Michel: F-Major, C- Major, then suddenly A-Major, some pedal action, some inaudible vocals and some binaural beats.
Arvid: I really don’t know what to say. My grandma calls it hedlmedl.

Who creates the songtitles?

Adam : The Lingua Nada Name Generator

The chosen tracks on the release flow perfectly from start to finish and showcases both yours and Paan’s diverse abilities but why were these tracks the most fitting?

Michel: I don’t even know the order of the songs on the Split.
Arvid: Yes
Valek : No
Adam : Happy Accident

How have you found the response of the release so far?

Adam : No one got offended so far so…….. bummer.

We Love DIY. You are a positive influential DIY act holding on to those mentalities. But why is this important to Lingua Nada?

Adam : I hope i´m not going to disappoint you but it´s not that important for me at least. We didn´t choose to be or do DIY, it´s just that we´re doing things on ourselves because otherwise noone else would do it at all. I could prone to be a mighty DIY warrior following the path of our punkrock forfathers but then I would be a hypocrite. The day some dude will spend 150 hours to book us a 20days tour(a DECENT one, we had our share of sketchy bookers), Ill sit my ass home drink some cherry coke, get fat and watch netflix. Our weird ass music bounds us to a “DIY” regime, and that´s ok, but its not a choice. Now if Tie Dying tshirts for the merch is DIY, I first thought it was FUN !

To coincide with the release you’ve been performing a string of live shows during your European tour, tell us more about your live shows. How do you project your tracks live, what can the audience look forward to from seeing you on the stage?

Adam: The audience should look forward to my amazing haircut and my vuvuzela solo. Also they should wear ear protection.

Is there a particular track that you all just love to play?

Adam: My vuvuzela solos –
Michel: I like to play the end of “Ultimate Black Metal” and “Franka” the most.
Arvid: Yeah I love to play Adams vuvuzela solo. I think Makintosh is my favorite, I don’t need to switch pedals the
entire song.

What’s the strangest venue/atmosphere you’ve played too to date?

Adam: France-Barcelona 1998 my favorite yellow vuvuzela got crushed under a fat dude´s ass.
Michel: For me the strangest venue/atmosphere was a bmx hall in Finsterwalde. The venue was actually pretty cool, but there was absolutely no light on stage and it was freezing cold inside. Before our show some random drunk guy was trying to beat us up for no reason. Some nice people from the venue pulled him away. While we were playing some beer was spilled all over my pedals. After the last band finished their set this random dude claimed that we were responsible for his nose bleeding. A festival in Leisnig is another funny story. We couldn’t find a car for the show, so we checked the interwebs 2.0 and found a shared-car from Leipzig to Leisnig. I think we payed like 2 euros each for the ride. Like always, we had to wait forever at the venue but there were nice people everywhere so we could hang out with them.We played last, the sound guy left right after we started playing and so did the audience. We thought, either we’re too bad or too loud…or both. We finished the set anyway and walked outside the building where you could find our merch table and we realized that everybody was already at the after party, dancing to some minimal techno.

Arvid: Amen.

We wish the best from the release and we know you’ve got a lot of great opportunities to look forward to, but for now enlighten us to what can we look forward to from you in the future?

Adam : Our own LP, our debut album is next. That´s gonna be… you know… what it´s gonna be. I don´t even know it its a good idea to be honest, who wants to listen to 40 minutes of experimental vuvuzela improvised solo ?

And finally any last words?

Adam : There are some monkey in china who steal your perse to go and buy some fucking pringles at the vending snack machine. A life advice from the Dr Lenox, PHD in life advising : DON´T GO TO CHINA.
Michel: Music scene is crazy, bands start up. Each and every day. I saw another one just the other day. A special new band. Also I wanna say hello to my girl, helloooo. Is this weird? Hello!

A huge thank you to the band for spending some time with Circuit Sweet in one of the most entertaining interviews we’ve done to date. We wish you all the best on your own LP and can’t wait to hear more. 

You can grab the split record now co-released via Kapitän Platte and LaLa Schallplatten.

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