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Gavin Brown Takes On The Nyx | Interview Special

April 24, 2017

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The Nyx are no strangers to the site, with a momentous year in tow for the act following the incredible release of their new EP just days ago- our writer Gavin Brown spent some time to delve into the release and the world of Nyx.

The band originally formed in High Wycombe, which included Becky and Simone (vocals and guitar) and Ruby Rose Lee (bass). Having already received praise from the likes of Q Magazine, Absolute Radio and having previously supported well-established acts such as The Subways, the girls decided they wanted to move in a different direction and thus The Nyx was born. Adding Collette Williams on drums, the grunge-rock outfit was complete and these fiery females are now ready to redefine what it means to be a girl in a band.

Gavin spent time with Ruby of The Nyx, their debut self-titled EP, was released  21st April 2017 via Rumours Music.

Q- How did the band get together?

It was originally Becky’s idea to start a band, I remember she was talking to me about how she had a drummer and a guitarist, but she couldn’t find a bassist. So we decided that she would teach me and I would ‘stand in’ until they found a more permanent fixture (4 years later and I’m still here!)

Q- Who are some the bands main influences?

Drenge, Warpaint, Hole, Garbage, Bikini Kill, The Runaways, JAH9, Little Simz, Queens of The Stone Age, Findlay, The Kills, Wolfmother, the list is literally endless. We listen to such an eclectic mix of artists and genres, so it’s hard to name just a few!

Q- How would you describe the music of The Nyx to someone who hadn’t heard you before?

Raw. Gritty. Powerful. Honest. Riffy.

Q- Why did you choose the name for the band?

The Nyx is the Primordial goddess of the night. She is a figure of such exceptional power that she is feared by Zeus himself. Sister to Gaia (mother earth) and Erebus (darkness) and daughter of Chaos.

So basically, she’s a bit unpredictable, some people are scared of her, some people worship, she’s a many-sided primordial goddess, a bit like us I suppose. (The many sides part, not the goddess part…)

Q- Did you always plan to have two lead singers or did things just work out that way and you discovered it worked well?

It wasn’t something that we consciously planned, but when you have two people in the band who can sing, we thought we might as well utilise both their voices. Before it was a very, ‘you sing one song, and I’ll sing another’ kind of approach, but now we all write together and try and add in plenty of harmonies so we can show them both off!

Q- Your debut EP is out April. Can you give us a bit of a clue about what to expect from it?

It will consist of 4 songs which contain all of the emotions under the sun.

Q- What are some of the subject matters in your songs do you tackle on the EP?

Love, hate, confusion, belonging, not belonging, freedom, resentment, feminism, power, confliction.

Q- What inspires your songs?

Everything and everyone. Everything inspires us, in one way or another. Trump inspires us to write about feminism and equality to counteract his ignorance, and powerful female role models like Malala inspire us to do the same thing but from a different angle. We inspire and bounce our energies off of each other as well, I don’t think you can necessarily pinpoint a specific thing that inspires our songs, as each song is influenced / inspired by completely different experiences, people and things.

Q- How did the recording of the EP go?

Recording is always a stressful time, I (Ruby) in particular get a bit (a lot) of red-light fever, but it’s always fine in the end! Nevertheless, being in a studio with the other gals is such a dream! It’s so nice to all hang out together as well as record. We’ve already started on the next one aswell, so watch this space.

Q- You’ve just done a new video for the song Hideaway. Can you tell us a bit about the video and its concept?

The song Hideaway is about the push and pull of an overthinking mind, so we tried to visually recreate that, but without being too over dramatic. So just having Simone singing the verses in this still blackness with so much raw emotion just seemed the simplest and most effective way to that. Add in the contrast of the crazy kaleidoscope choruses just seemed the best way to show that push and pull of the mind.

Q- Have you hit any gigs coming up to support the EP that you can tell us about?

We have a fair few coming up actually! We have one of 31st March at Hoxton Underbelly, London, 1st April at Moles, in Bath, 7th April at The Brewhouse, London, and 2nd June we’re doing one in Brighton which needs to be confirmed! Keep an eye on our website www.thenyxband.com or facebook for more gig info.

Q- What is your live show like? Based on listening to your music, I’d say definitely high energy!

F.U.C.K.I.N.G. E.N.E.R.G.Y.  Come see us and find out 😉

Q- You have previously supported The Subways. How was it playing with an a band like them?

It was a real honour to play with a well known band like The Subways, but to be fair, it wasn’t much different from a regular gig, except there were more people in the audience!

Q- Do you feel any pressure playing to an established band with their own set of fans or does that make you even more determined to win them over?

It’s not stressful if that’s what you mean, it’s more like a good opportunity to gain a few more fans. Music is fairly simple, you listen to it, and if you like us, maybe you give us a follow on spotify or check us out afterwards, it’s not a competition between us and the other band. If they don’t like us, then that’s fine too! Everyone has different tastes and we’re not going to get too stressed over that.

Q- Who else would you love to tour with?

Deap Vally, Drenge, Warpaint, Queens of the Stone Age, Foo Fighters, there are so many people we would love to tour with, this list could go on for days.

Q- What was your first gig as a band like?

As The Nyx or our previous band? Our first Rouge (pre-Nyx band) gig was not the best, we were so awkward on stage, we barely moved, and I remember feeling like I was having a panic attack the whole time! But now, when we look back on that compared to now, we have grown so much with our songwriting and our performance. I think before we cared too much about how we looked, and now we don’t give a fuck, jumping on the drums and moshing till our necks feel like they’re breaking (once took us 4 days to recover from a gig, neck braces were needed) – and that’s when the real fun begins!

Q- What have been some of your highlights from being in the band so far?

Every moment with these gals is a highlight! I think we just get on so well and have such a strong connection it’s really hard to pick just one time. We once played a gig at The House of Commons and the Prime minister made a noise complaint about us. That’s pretty cool right? Quite ironic that he was making a complaint about us….



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