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Gavin Brown Takes On Emilie

April 9, 2017

Edinburgh-based electro pop singer songwriter EMILIE, aka Emily Atkinson, is a name worth knowing. With a stunning new single released earlier this year, Never Enough, out now via Depot Records.

EMILIE is a talent going from strength to strength. As her music is heard by more, her talent expands. This is an artist worth keeping an eye on and Gavin Brown has spent some time chatting to this artist to discover more about her inspiration, her new single and the music scene near her….

Q- Who inspired you to sing when you were growing up? 
It all kind of started because I wanted to go into musical theatre and go down that route but I decided it was more the singing aspect that drew me to want to pursue musical theatre professionally than anything else. Then when I was about 17/18 I became pretty fascinated by the 80s and synth pop so I guess that’s where all my inspiration came from to keep singing and it’s definitely impacted on the sound I have for sure. 
Q- How would you describe your music to someone who had never heard you before? 
 I usually go with dark, atmospheric, electronic pop
Q- Your new single Never Enough is out soon. Can you tell us a bit about the song and what it’s about? 
Never Enough is kind of about how in modern life there’s always something we want and then once we get to the point of getting something we wanted we’re already focussing on the next thing we want to have, before fully appreciating the thing you wanted before, so that’s kind of why the title is Never Enough because nothing truly seems to be enough. It’s something I’d kind of thought about for a while on how disposable we are with almost anything so it’s all come from that. 
Q- Have you got plans for an EP or album any time in the future? 
Probably not until next year, no. I released a debut EP in September last year called I See You in The Darkness which can be accessed on Spotify, iTunes, Google Play etc for purchase or to stream! 
Q- You’ve just supported Be Charlotte in Edinburgh – how did that go?
It was really great. Was totally packed and had a really nice audience who seemed to enjoy it. I’ve kept up with what she’s been up to for a while after hearing her single “Machines That Breathe” so it was really cool to support her. It’s always so nice to support artists I admire so that show was a pretty nice one for me. 
Q- Will you be playing much new material? 
Yes! We played a couple of new songs and some new added extras for the live show. 
Q- What about gigs after that, have you got any shows of your own coming up?
Yes I do indeed. Unfortunately they haven’t been announced yet but I’ll be announcing online really soon so definitely keep an eye out. 
Q- What has been your most memorable gig to date?
Hmm probably supporting SG Lewis last May at King Tuts in Glasgow is most memorable. Although Saturday night’s show with Be Charlotte is definitely going to be up there, I had such an amazing time.
Q- What is the music scene like in Scotland at the moment? 
It’s great! There’s so many really talented bands and artists about. Everyone is so friendly and supportive too.
Q- What else have you got planned for the rest of the year? 
Well apart from my new single, Never Enough coming out on 10th March, I’ll be releasing again, playing lots of shows and hopefully festivals during the summer!
Be sure to check out Emilie now
Interview: Gavin Brown

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