Ed Balloon Reveals New Video

April 5, 2017

Ed Balloon Reveals New Video

No one can describe Ed Balloon’s new music video better than the artist himself:

What I am trying to convey is black boy joy is real and tends to be dismissed because of damn stereotypes,” Balloon said of the clip. “We Black people aren’t monsters. We’re humans. We joke around and smile too. I grew up in the hood and I got people questioning my validity because I don’t gang bang. Like what the hell? They’re surprised that I smile and have this sincere joy even though I come from a hard upbringing. I guess I would be surprised too, but leave it at surprised — don’t just deem me as a savage. Life is hard but I got this joy, put in me by Jesus so ya’ll let me rock.”

Love what you hear and you will- Go grab a free copy of the mixtape it is from, ‘Yellow 20-Somethings’:

Upcoming Ed Balloon performances:
June 29 at Great Scott in Boston
July 7 at ICA First Friday’s in Boston

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