DANIEL WOOLHOUSE Shares new single, “Skeleton”, with string accompaniment

April 2, 2017


Shares new single, “Skeleton“, with string accompaniment

What’s That Sound? out now via 37 Adventures
Stream the album in full:

Daniel Woolhouse has shared his glorious new single, ‘Skeleton‘; a reworking of the album version with additional strings, adding texture and warmth to the originally stripped back, intimate track.

He says of the song, “I wanted to record a more fleshed out version of Skeleton, to put some meat on it’s dry bones. The original is quite simple and stark with just vocal and guitar knocking against each other, so on this version we recorded a string quartet and I played piano.” Listen below…

The video was created by Daniel himself, which he explains is based on “a loose narrative that revolved around me being chased or haunted by some metaphorical wolf-dogs. My means of resisting them is by firing later beams from my hands and repeating self-help mantras to myself. I used some very high-tech special effects.”

Daniel’s latest album, What’s That Sound? is another landmark in the musical saga of this most compelling of artists, and the first album to be released under his own name after two via his playful alias Deptford Goth. The new record is a more fleshed-out, hook-laden and euphoric collection than 2014’s Songs and 2013’s Life After Defo, while still retaining the irresistibly yearning and soulful intimacy that sets him apart.

Praise for ‘What’s That Sound?’:

“Lush and expansive… What’s That Sound? speaks elegantly of looking out instead of in”  – The Sunday Times
“Achingly beautiful” **** – Mojo
“Gorgeous, heart-wrenching” **** – Uncut
“A thing of subtle wonder” **** – DORK
“(On Soup For Brains) I have to say I think this is the best thing Daniel Woolhouse has done” – Lauren Laverne
“A confident and ambitious record” – Electronic Explorations
What’s That Sound? can be streamed/purchased at the links below…

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