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Circuit Sweet Celebrates 8 Years and Releases A New Compilation Titled ‘Eight’

April 1, 2017


On Wednesday March 29th, Circuit Sweet celebrated it’s 8th Birthday. 8 whole years of incredible music, talent and dealing with the loveliest people in the music industry- from bands, artists, labels, PR companies, photographers, Gig promoters, videographers, bloggers, reviewers, you name it we’ve worked with them.

As a big thank you we wanted to do something meaningful, so alongside a flash sale in our online record store, we unveiled a release which was incredibly special to us. Our second digital compilation release. Curated by ourselves, we contacted a handful of local, national and international artists and their labels to ask if they would contribute to our birthday release. The response from the artists we approached was overwhelming and sure enough we had a lot of help!

Celebrating 8 years of Circuit Sweet- we’ve collaborated with some of our favourite artists over the past to give you one incredible free digital release. With new, old and exclusive releases from the most talented acts. Here’s to another 8 and then some.

We are so proud to share this with you and we hope you will share this with your friends. Personal thanks to all contributing artists and labels that have helped with this release.

Circuit Sweet Compilation- Eight Track listing

1. Waking Aida- Higher Fives Than You’ll Ever Be
2. All People – Slow
3. Keeping- Wrapped Up
4. LA JUNGLE – Ape In A Python
5. North End – Mountain Standard REMIX
6. Lingua Nada – Corgan
7. Ratboys – Not Again
8. Western Daughter -Exhibition On Main St
9. Cheap Jazz- Friday Death Plunge of Mr Kareoke
10. Del Paxton – Koolwink
11. Jial – Life On Hold
12. Navajo Ace – Five Turnings
13. Gnarwhal – Marathon Ripper
14. Slingshot Dakota – Grudge
15. a-tota-so – Clever Liver
16. S T Ø J – An Introduction To All Things Collapsing Beneath Our Feet
17. Simon Gore – Hospital Clown
18. Static Masks- Market Fresh
19. Meltybrains – Step
20. Lambhorn – Cascade
21. Vasa – Open
22. Space Blood- NSFW
23. Memory Of Elephants – Who The Fuck Is Runcorn?
24. Hunter Ellis – Train Town
25. Vox And The Hound – Worn

We are so proud to share this with you and we hope you will share this with your friends. Personal thanks to all contributing artists and labels that have helped with this release:

Waking Aida, Community Records, All People, Keeping, Black Basset Records, La Jungle, North End, Lingua Nada, Topshelf Records, Ratboys, Western Daughter, Take This To Heart Records, Cheap Jazz, Del Paxton, Jial- Josh Lamdin, Navajo Ace, Exploding In Sound Records, Gnarwhal, Slingshot Dakota, a-tota-so and Buttonpusher DIY for everything, STØJ, Simon Gore and the whole Gore Family for their endless love and support and awesome ideas, Static Masks, Lambhorn, Meltybrains, Vasa, Space Blood, Memory Of Elephants, Hunter Ellis and Vox and The Hound.

A huge thank you to the incredible Serguei Spoutnik for the artwork.

The release is available to stream on bandcamp now and below, available to embed on all platforms and available to download for FREE. Please share this release and download your record quick as the downloads are limited!

The list of thank you’s to all we’ve had the pleasure in working with so far in Circuit Sweet’s span is just endless, so to everyone and to all of our loyal supporters, it means the world. Enjoy the compilation!


Here’s to 8 more years and then some! 

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