Wilding Announce debut EP Secular Music Out 28 April via Friendship Fever

March 6, 2017

Announce debut EP Secular Music
Out 28 April via Friendship Fever
The first single from Wilding‘s forthcoming EP Secular Music is “Hot Prowl,” about a burglary which happens while the occupants are still inside. In their premiere, Clash called it; “an unrelenting introduction”.

Los Angeles trio Wilding release their debut EP Secular Music via Friendship Fever on 28 April. Fronted by visionary songwriter Dave Woody, formerly of 90s indie fuzz-rockers Fiver, is joined by Andrew Band on drums and bass player Bowman. Wilding’s is at once harmonic, melodic and even dark at times dominated by scuzzy, chiming guitars and a heavy back beat, with Dave’s voice soaring above the cacophony in a register all its own.
Originally from Modesto, California, Dave Woody emerged from the same scene that launched Grandaddy. As frontman of Fiver, he garnered a long list of accolades over the span of three LPs, the first of which was produced by Jason Lytle. With Fiver he toured with Death Cab for Cutie, played alongside the Silversun Pickups and opened for Frank Black in London.
Wilding has roots meandering back to the early 2000s whilst Woody was working on other projects. Standing apart from the homegrown California scene-shifters, the songs he was working on embodied a kind of symphonic noisy bliss that made perfect sense. As he explains; “Wilding has always felt like a different kind of energy to me. There is a darkness there, but it gets delivered in this burst of light and energy. We’re pretty much guaranteed to wind up disappointed, but we can never give up that search for something better inside ourselves. Destroy complacency. These songs shine a light on the dark.
The five beautifully crafted fuzz-pop songs on the Secular Music EP have dizzyingly varied themes. “Ghost Deer” is an ode to the unknown genius plodding away in the shadows, whereas “Skin Shells” is a slacker-take on Plato’s cave allegory in a two-minute pop song. “Haunted Mouth” is inspired by a tape-recording found by the FBI at the infamous site of the People’s Temple/Jim Jones tragedy and “VCR” was inspired by a My Bloody Valentine song.

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