Val Hollie Shares “The Man Who Has Dreams” Video Premiere via All Things Go

March 8, 2017

Benjamin Davis

Val Hollie Shares “The Man Who Has Dreams” Video Premiere via All Things Go

New Orleans’ Val Hollie is making synth-pop sexy again with his new single “The Man Who Has Dreams” today on All Things Go. A call back to the sweltering summer months, Val Hollie aka Peter Campanelli shared:

“The Man Who Has Dreams’ is a song about hot summer days waiting for hot summer nights. The air is thick and the city is dead, but you find ways to kill the time. Watch trains, throw rocks. Call your friends (leave a message). Summer malaise abounds as we join Val in the depths of his tropical depression, killing time, cutting through a surreal landscape of boyish opulence and back alley vapor.”

Val Hollie is busy working on his full length debut album. “The Man Who Has Dreams” proceeds the record, the first in a series of stand alone singles. Capturing the easy going synth-pop vibes of the 80’s with a jangly melody and a grooving bass line, Campanelli’s vocals float against the programmed drums and whirring pop splendor. It’s simultaneously wistful and anxious, true New Orleans magic.

Val Hollie is the alter ego of Peter Campanelli, a New Orleans-based singer, songwriter, and producer with an affection for the shimmering pop music of the late ’70s and ’80s

2015’s Val Hollie EP grew out of an ongoing collaboration between Campanelli and Ross Farbe [Video Age], for which they built a recording studio inside of a gutted house. Using Val Hollie songs to test their new recording space, the pair came away with six warbly tracks that delight in their own dazed revelry and harken back to the post-punk sounds of the ’80s. The debut EP drew comparisons to bands like Orange Juice, Ty Segall, and Ariel Pink.

Val Hollie is currently in the studio working on a full-length album, and has been booked as direct support for Fever The Ghost, Shmu, Warehouse, The Soft Moon, and Delicate Steve.

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