The Obsessives Stream “It’s Not Fair”

March 5, 2017

Jessica Flynn

The Obsessives Stream “It’s Not Fair”
via GoldFlakePaint

The Obsessives Out March 17th via Lame-O Records

The Obsessives are now streaming “It’s Not Fair” the third single off of their sophomore album The Obsessives, via GoldFlakePaint. The Obsessives comes out March 17th via Lame-O Records in the US, Dog Knights Productions in the UK and Europe, and Cooking Vinyl in Australia. Pre-orders for The Obsessives are available now physically and digitally via Lame-O Records, via Dog Knights Productions in the UK and Cooking Vinyl in Australia. The album was produced by Evan Bernard and Chris Baglivo at Big Mama’s (Mannequin Pussy, Spirit of the Beehive). The Obsessives also recently released a music video for their single “Surfer Rosa,” which can be seen via Stereogum, and premiered their second single “It’s Okay If” via NPR Music.
Stream “It’s Not Fair” via GoldFlakePaint. 
GoldFlakePaint says about the band, “The Obsessives excel in the modern age, their hooky, mightily endearing brashness underpinned by a sentimentality that has flooded the associated genres over the past couple of years.” They also refer to “It’s Not Fair” as “a joyous/reckless waveform that will light up your day.”
1. Intro
2. You’re My God
3. Surfer Rosa
4. Violent
5. A Shady Place
6. If You Really Love Me
7. Now She’s Smoking
8. It’s Not Fair
9. In Her Belly
10. It’s Okay If
11. He Is Wise
12. Sometimes
13. When One Thing Ends
14. You’re Gonna Be

Nick Bairatchnyi and Jackson Mansfield built The Obsessives at fifteen, out of a childhood friendship and a misplaced love for blues-rock. “We wanted to start a band with a “The” because bands like that three years ago were cool, like The Black Keys and The White Stripes,” Bairatchnyi remembers while laughing at his ninth-grade naivety. Three years later, the band became fixated on a new form.The Obsessives released their debut record, Heck No, Nancy in 2015. The album chronicled a series of revelations which center around a musical mentality that volleys between the expressive texture of emo bands like Braid and the bouncy indie of bands like The Pixies and Violent Femmes.

On March 17th, 2017, The Obsessives will release their follow up self-titled album on Lame-O Records, continuing even further along their indie rock inspirations, the band has found an acclivity for pop hooks and vibrant instrumentation that give a nod to their heroes (even naming a song referencing listening to a Pixies record), while also fitting alongside the top artists of the modern indie/emo scene (like Modern Baseball, who’s tour they’ll be opening in the spring of 2017).

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