New Codist and American Clay EPs Out Now via 6131 Records and LP Records

March 25, 2017


New EPs From Glasgow’s Codist and American Clay Out Now
via 6131 Records and LP Records

Codist’s Porcelain Boy EP and American Clay’s Sky Hooks EP
Available For Purchasing and Streaming

6131 Records have teamed with LP Records, a brand new label based out of Glasgow, Scotland, to release new EPs from two of Glasgow’s best up-and-coming bands on cassette and digital in North America and the UK/EU respectively. Porcelain Boy by Codist and Sky Hooks by American Clay are out today.

Stream Codist’s Porcelain Boy EP via Spotify:

Stream American Clay’s Sky Hooks EP via Spotify:

While both bands are firmly rooted in the rich history of alternative music in Scotland (particularly Teenage Fanclub’s brand of irresistibly crunchy guitar pop), they each add their own uniquely modern flourishes to that legacy rather than retread old sounds. American Clay traffic in impressively kinetic shoegaze, while Codist provide big alt rock hooks with plenty of noisy quirks, each perfect ambassadors for Glasgow’s flourishing alternative music scene.

Porcelain Boy and Sky Hooks are available now in North America and the UK/EU.

Sky Hooks track list:
1. Flow
2. Points
3. Second Son
4. Gerard

Porcelain Boy track list:
1. Grindstone Cowboy
2. Perhap
3. The Outside
4. Vitamin D
5. Shaky-Cam

Porcelain Boy and Sky Hooks are due out March 24th via 6131 Records in North America and LP Records in the UK/EU. Purchase HERE (North America) and HERE (UK/EU).

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