Loose Tooth Stream “Fish Boy” via Stereogum – ‘Big Day,’ Out April 7th via Father/Daughter Records and Lame-O Records

March 4, 2017

Craig Scheihing


Loose Tooth Streams “Fish Boy” via Stereogum

Big Day, Out April 7th on Father/Daughter Records and Lame-O Records

Loose Tooth are now streaming their single “Fish Boy” via Stereogum. The song comes off the band’s sophomore album Big Day coming out April 7th on Father/Daughter Records and Lame-O Records. Pre-orders for Big Day are available now via Father/Daughter Records and Lame-O Records. “Fish Boy” is the third single released off of Big Day. You can also stream the band’s previous singles “Garlic Soup” and “Roach Motel.”
Stream “Fish Boy” now via Stereogum.
Larissa Sapko had set two goals for herself in the summer of 2013: find a job, and start a band. Once she got a job, the band wasn’t far behind. She asked her friend Kian Sorouri if he would like to play guitar (he did), and he in turn asked Jim Dobrowolski if he would like to play drums (he learned how, and he did). What It Is came out in December 2013, and Loose Tooth enjoyed a year of playing local shows and weekenders in the Northeast.After hearing that Jimmy was moving to Costa Rica, Christian Bach and Kyle Laganella stepped forward and volunteered their shredding skills to keep Loose Tooth moving up and onward. After reworking their first EP What It Is and writing some new songs in the process, the band’s debut record Easy Easy East was ready to rip.

After touring on Easy Easy East throughout 2015, the band came together to start writing their follow up record Big Day. The songs on Big Day developed a more cohesive feeling as the four became more comfortable playing together. Big Day is set to be released in April of 2017 on Father/Daughter Records and Lame-O Records.

1. Sleep With The State Concept
2. Garlic Soup
3. Lisa Lives
4. Free Skate
5. Roach Motel
6. Day Old Glory
7. Dog Year
8. L Blu
9. Fish Boy

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