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Gavin Brown Takes On Army Of Bones | Album Release Special

March 19, 2017

Rune Lundø

Having already built a reputation for their visceral and engaging live shows, Brighton-based band Army Of Bones got together last year to record their self-titled debut album, which was released earlier this month via their own label Bones Music Group.

Formed of Martin Smith, Jonny Bird, Reuben Harsant and Steve Evans, Army Of Bones create songs of hope infused with doubt. Produced by Gethin Pearson (The Enemy, JAWS), the album strives to bring things that are in the dark to light – whether that’s the pain of a struggling relationship, the feeling of lack of identity or desperation for a city, the band want us to rise up and realise how vital we all really are. The Brighton based quartet are fusing talent, style and passion to create something of their own.

We hand the site over to our writer Gavin Brown, who spent some time with Army Of Bones to discover more about their influences, live appearances, their live scene and the support gained to date.

Q- When Did Army Of Bones form?

We got together a couple of years ago after playing together on another project. We had a batch of songs that we’d already written together so thought we’d start a new project for them.

Q- Who are some of your influences? 

From the bass perspective simon Gallup, hooky, jmj with some lemmy and mark Bedford for good measure.

Q- How would you describe your music to someone who had never heard you? 

80’s post punk infused indie that’s note afraid to get loud and dirty.

Q- Your self titled debut album is out this month. Can you tell us a bit about it and what the songs are about?

It’s about all kinds of things, from hope to love to faith. We wanted to write songs that relate to people’s lives and songs that would impact people at their core.

Q- How did the recording of the album go? 

It was a fun process. We work with geniuses like Geth Pearson and Dan Austin. Those guys brought the songs to life sonically and took them to places we would never have dreamed of.

Q- You recently debuted a track from the album in End Of Time. Is that track that is synonymous with the rest of the albums sound?     

It’s certainly a taster I think there will be some nice surprises.

Q- Will you be hitting the road in support of the album?

Yes, we love touring and will be heading to Australia in April then we have a few UK tours lined up for later in the year.

Q- How did your tour with Josh Gauton and Raya Rose at the end of last year go?

Those guys are awesome and super talented. It was great to be on the road with them. The tour was fun, it’s always cool to play your music live to a crowd, it’s what we like doing best.

Q- What were the highlights of the tour? 

For me it’s got to be the session fries and burger at belgrave hall Leeds..

Q- What are your live shows like? 

Like a pleasant dream that dips into the shadows and back again. All presented by men in black suits.

Q- Who would you live to tour or play a show with? 

Nine inch nails, war on drugs

Q- What are you listening to at the moment?

Jonny playing guitar.

Q- Can you recommend any new bands to us?

We love bands like Tigercub and Fickle Friends.

Q- Is the music scene in Brighton still as vibrant as it has been?

Brighton has an awesome music scene. There’s always new bands cropping up all over the place. It’s an inspiring place to live.

Q- What music venues in Brighton are your favourites to play at? 

The Green Door store is vibey – it’s like a dark underground cavern. It’s probably our favourite.

Q- You were recently featured in the Spotify USA Viral top 50, Thats a great achievement for such a new band. Do you think that shows just how powerful the Internet and streaming are for new bands?

It’s fills me with hope that the Internet will truly democratise music making and allow great songs to rise from wherever, rather than being restricted to coming trough the hallowed gate keepers.

Q- What are your thoughts on using social media for the band? Obviously it’s extremely useful but there are negative aspects too, what are your thoughts on that? 

It’s a fine line between it being a useful tool to keep your fan base informed, and a device that can encourage a false sense of reality. And allow a false presentation of success to appease ones ego rather than striving for great music

Q- What are your plans for the rest of the year?

We’re travelling a lot, writing some new tracks and doing our best to get in front of crowds and play our music.

A huge thank you to Army of Bones for spending time with Gavin Brown and sharing more on their outfit.

The high octane self titled release is available now via Bones Music Group, grab your copy below-

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