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Yonen Unveil Official Music Video For Single ‘Tokyo’

February 7, 2017

Yonen Unveil Official Music Video For Single ‘Tokyo’  

Have you heard about Yonen yet? If not, you soon will. In fact Yonen are our band to watch for 2017.

Formed after a powerful shared moment witnessing the legendary instrumental band Toe, Yonen apply a progressive approach to crafting narrative-driven math music infused with a love of romantic era dynamics and motif development. A weight of emotional intensity rests on every moment; from grandiose melodies to hypnotically pulsating rhythms their dynamic interaction generates a sense of momentum and tension that carries the listener to a place untouched by the outside world.

The dynamic quartet consists of Alan Dooley on Guitar, Cian Finlay on Guitar and Electronics, Anthony Breslin on Drums and Cathal Mc Kenna on Bass.

Since their debut gig supporting Japanese math-pop act Tricot, the band have gone on to play with many established progressive acts including Toe, TTNG, Overhead the Albatross, and Poly-Math.

Yonen have released their debut single ‘Tokyo’ as part of a multi-faceted campaign stretching beyond the idea of a single song.

Alongside their current UK tour the band have just released a full length animated music video and an interactive game released by the animation/programming team of Ross Ryder and Joey Breslin. These have been designed within the game software engine ‘Unity’, which is also featured as the centre piece in the band’s live show. Through this immersive consistency across a multi-media platform, Yonen hope to draw the audience into their world, beginning with Tokyo.

The single was unveiled on ‘Nialler9‘ and you can hit repeat above and get mesmerised by the talented display!

Tokyo is also streaming on the Yonen‘s bandcamp page here- https://yonenmusic.bandcamp.com/




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