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Piles Of Clothes Songs Etc. EP Release Special | Gavin Brown

February 18, 2017

Piles Of Clothes

Songs Etc.

Piles Of Clothes is the alias of multi instrumentalist (we’re talking guitar, piano/keyboards and even the glockenspiel here) Andy Crowder and under this name, he makes reflective and uplifting mainly acoustic songs with hints of folk, country and alternative rock and four of his tracks are collected here on the Songs Etc. EP.

 The release kicks off with Don’t Read Books, Watch Movies, a thoughtful song that starts off in a jaunty manner with a brilliant catchiness and carefree, summery feel to it and grows more thoughtful towards the songs conclusion although this is done with an anthemic air to it and with a definite uplifting and bold nature (and this mainly due to the great use of  flugelhorn) and this gets the EP off to a great start.

The full of life Blow Up Bed follows and proves that the summery nature of the first track is something that is carried on and this track is another reflective song with an undeniable lust for life.
The more laid back and Vintage Wine Cellar is up next and showcases a more mellower vibe to the music of Piles Of Clothes but is still a song that packs a lot of vigour, albeit in a more chilled manner and the result is a song that is perfect for lazy, sunny days and has a country tinged sound to it which suits the song brilliantly.

The brilliantly titled I Remember When I Had My First Beer finishes things off nicely and has to be the most reflective song on the EP. A shimmering guitar sound kicks the song into life and is another example of a melancholic sounding track that is actually really uplifting when you listen to it carefully. The song has an emotive quality and the lyrics fit the music like a glove and rounds this short but sweet collection of music off nicely.

With Songs Etc, Piles Of Clothes has encapsulated a lot of relatable memories into these four songs and hopefully a full album from him will do the same, although for the time being, this is another to get stuck into.


Piles of Clothes-Debut EP Songs Etc. out now!



Words: Gavin Brown

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