Palm Ghosts New Album “Greenland” Available Now!

February 22, 2017

Palm Ghosts New Album “Greenland” Available Now!

East Nashville-based Indie pop group Palm Ghosts are pleased to announce the release of their second record on Nashville-based label Flour Sack Cape Records.
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Combining the classic songwriting of Elliott Smith and Paul Simon with electronic and power pop influences on their second album, Greenland, the band presents 15 introspective stories about love and loss. Comprised of singer-songwriter Joseph Lekkas (who also plays bass, keyboards and handles electronic programming) and joined by Erin Nelson (drums) and Benjamin Jason Douglas (keyboards and guitars), Palm Ghosts describe themselves as Sun-Damaged American Music.

Self-produced and recorded like his self-titled debut record, Greenland is a collection of songs written in the classic song format, with verses, choruses and middle eights. A tradition that is disappearing in popular music, but is alive and well in Nashville. On Greenland, genres and sounds collide with little regard for radioplay or branding. The songs reverberate with desperation and heartbreak, yet glimmer with a delicate sheen of optimism and hope.
Palm Ghosts
(Flour Sack Cape Records)
1. 719 Desire Street
2. Memorial Day
3. Audra
4. Long Road
5. Silverlake
6. Rosemarie
7. Midnight on St. Andrews
8. Rules
9. True Love Will Find You In The End
10. Dark Love
11. Good Morning, Durango
12. Big Timber Lights
13. Leaving Northern Liberties
14. 21 Grams
15. Last Song

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