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Introducing… The Chairman!

February 26, 2017

Introducing… The Chairman!

or fans of… Honne, Shy Girls, Aquilo, Bon Iver

“…a lucid, engrossing, and highly personal piece of work.”Clash

Originally starting out as a bedroom project by singer songwriter Lucas Berner, The Chairman has grown into something exponentially bigger than even Lucas could have imagined. Now, The Chairman prepares to share his sumptuous sound with a worldwide audience through the release of Animate, out on 10th March 2017, via Danish Music Entertainment (DK).

The video for Animate premiered on Clash and now the track is available to stream via the DME Soundcloud page.

The Chairman has built up an impressive amount of recognition in his native Denmark having released the critically acclaimed debut album 2064. A huge amount of national airplay followed and, as a result, The Chairman’s music has seeped into the creative consciousness of the country. Lucas found writing music as a cathartic release from the chains of anxiety and depression, using the outlet to develop both on a personal and creative level. The result of this process is an emotive, deeply personal sound that anyone dealing with modern life, and the many obstacles we have to overcome, can relate to.

What marks The Chairman out from many of his contemporaries, such as Honne and Shy Girls, is his rich, soulful vocal range; a mature singing voice combining seamlessly with the slow, incessant beat and atmospheric, yet intimate, synth soundscapes, the depth and warmth enveloping you as you listen. Animate is a perfect example of what The Chairman has to offer and has the ability to resonate with a youthful, contemporary audience as well as seasoned music lovers.

Written exclusively by Lucas with the aid of producers Mathias Bang Madsen and Jakob Løkkegaard, Animate is the first track to be released from forthcoming album The Strange Life. Aiming for a busy 2017, The Chairman will follow Animate with the release of a second single in April before unveiling his second album after the summer’s festival season.

Animate by The Chairman is out on 10th March 2017 via Danish Music Entertainment (DK).

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