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Introducing Iron Islands

February 21, 2017

Taken from Iron Islands Facebook


Discover Iron Islands.

A talented trio fusing piano, bass, drums and vocals and creating something courageous and worthy of your attention.
Following their formation in 2014 Iron Islands are going from strength to strength. The trio’s workmanship bounce of one another effortlessly as they define their talent for melodic compositions with the right amount of hooks, heartfelt lyrics and addictive instrumentation. Iron Islands consist of Martin Andrew on Vocals and Piano,  Al Baker on Bass and  Olly Brown on Drums.

The three piece have a promising year ahead of them, next month Iron Islands will see the release of their debut EP ‘Within These Bones‘.

Track listing:
1 – Within These Bones
2- The Great Equaliser
3 – Sparks, Lights & Flames

To get a taste of what’s to come you can listen to their track ‘Contrails’ streaming on Spotify now-

The track is also streaming below and on bandcamp-

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