Family Friends Share Latest Single ‘New’

February 21, 2017

Family Friends take things down a notch on compelling, lackadaisical latest single ‘New’

‘Look the Other Way’ EP is out this Friday, 24th February, on Beatnik Creative

Brother-sister duo Family Friends, made up of Rebecca and Tom Fitzsimons, release ‘New’ – the third track taken from their new EP ‘Look the Other Way’, out this Friday 24th February via Beatnik Creative (Palace, ISLAND, Eliza Shaddad).

After first single ‘Look the Other Way’ struck a chord in the indie scene- buzzing in the blogosphere and racking up over half a million plays on Spotify, and exhilarating second single ‘I’m Like You’ followed in a similar vein, Family Friends take things down a notch with the equally compelling ‘New’.

Living between Melbourne and London the group’s sound is East London cool glazed with South Australian Sun. Bouncy psych elements combine with warm hazed-out dream-pop to create infectious tunes; introspective and lackadaisical, ‘New’ offers a closer look at Family Friend’s more laid back side.

Whilst there is a decidedly 90s tilt to the music, with nods towards the classier elements of brit-pop and the slacker rock scene, Family Friends slot well into the modern school of tasteful, melancholic guitar-pop. Reminiscent of the likes of Weezer, Breeders, Black Honey or Beach Baby they nonetheless retain a playfulness that grants them their own unique vibe.


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