Crywank Share Brilliantly Ominous “Part 2” Video via Noisey

February 3, 2017

Tom Connolly

Crywank Share Brilliantly Ominous “Part 2” Video via Noisey

The latest entry in File Under: Music’s “One Song At A Time” Video Singles Series

Announce February Tour Dates

The immensely popular Manchester anti-folk duo Crywank are excited to share “Part 2,” their first ever official music video today via Noisey. The song comes from File Under: Music’s ongoing video series, One Single At A Time, an eclectic project that takes a unique approach to the “singles club” idea. Crywank have established themselves as one of the UK’s “best kept secrets” with a rapid audience that has lead the project’s YouTube plays into the millions, and they join the series with a stunning new video directed by Seth Smith. “Part 2” captures an ominous door-to-door salesman selling life insurance with a conclusion that’s both dark and perpetually sad. Smith’s video is the perfect compliment to Crywank’s gorgeously heartbreaking songwriting.

Speaking about the video, Noisey said, “Rather than being a literal reflection of the lyrics, director Seth Smith has paired the track with a visual story of its own, both rooting themselves in feelings of loneliness, liberation and unease.”

Crywank’s James Clayton shared:

“‘Part 2’ wasn’t really intended to be properly released at any point. It’s a break-up song which is an area I don’t really want to retread. The first Crywank release was a ‘break-up album’, and the idea of that becoming something synonymous with the band is a pretty uninviting. I guess this song differs in the sense that i’m the one leaving. It was originally released on a split CD with my friend Nyla. We made 50 CD-Rs out of cartridge paper and made everyone who bought one promise they wouldn’t put it online. ‘Part 2’ was my favourite song of the split, my friend boab recorded me in his living room. We had the window open and in the chorus a car alarm started going off outside. It started going in time with the music and then went off when the chorus ended, this seemed too perfect of a take not to keep.

File Under: Music got in touch asking us if we wanted to be a part of the video series they where doing. We’ve been a band for seven years but have never made a music video so this was all really daunting plus we didn’t have a new song to use. A part of me didn’t really want this recording to just be forgotten on a bunch of CD-Rs so we put it forward. After this we kept a pretty hands off approach. I used to collect the directors label music video DVDs when I was younger and they taught me that you’ll get a better result the more creative control you give the director. We think this has paid off, Seth Smith is an amazing cinematographer and has created a video with a scale I never thought would be attached to my music. I think the nature of the sort of music I make is hard to adapt into a video form, a lot of my lyrics are really direct which made me think a Crywank video would either be a poorly acted literal translation of the lyrics, or would be a creepy video of me singing whilst looking into a camera. Both of these presupposed ‘inevitabilities’ are what put me off ever even trying to make a video myself. We’re really thrilled that this hasn’t been the case for Seth Smith’s video which I think stands on it’s own more, rather than just being an advert for the band.”

File Under: Music’s Steve Mann added:

“It became obvious very quickly in talking with James (Crywank) that he has a great passion for what he does, which is mirrored by his extremely supportive fan-base. To be able to share in any part of that is a responsibility we didn’t take lightly, and fortunately we found a like mind in director Seth Smith. We can’t wait to see Crywank continue to build upon his self-made success!”

Tour Dates:
02/11 – Bradford, UK @ 1 in 12
02/13 – Nottingham, UK @ JT Soar
02/14 – Nottingham, UK @ JT Soar (Sold Out)
02/17 – London, UK @ DIY Space For London
02/18 – Brighton, UK @ PavTav
02/19 – Portsmouth, UK @ The Old Barn


Originally starting as a solo project by James Clayton, he was later joined by Dan Watson on percussion. Crywank started as a project the first night James learned a chord on guitar, and proceeded to write their first album ‘James is Going to die soon’ over the following months with limited experience. The album was released online for free. Despite it’s poor recording quality and technicality the album was well-received beyond expectations and moved Crywank forward as a more serious project.

Crywank write songs that bounce between confessional and tongue in cheek, regularly drifting into the area of self-parody. Although their musicality has improved over the years, Crywank often opt for non-traditional playing styles mostly rooted in simplicity. Crywank have now released four albums, with their latest and first studio album Don’t Piss On Me, I’m Already Dead being self released last summer.


The One Song At A Time video single series began this past October with File Under: Music highlighting a new artist and a new music video every other week. The project has thus far included video singles from Skye Wallace, Johnny Foreigner, Pill Friends, Wallgrin, Slime Girls, and Slam Dunk. One Song At A Time will continue through late March, sharing unreleased tracks for artists from Canada, the UK and the US. All of the songs are available worldwide digitally, and will be collected at the end of the 12 video cycle into a compilation.

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